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I bought the xb500 just to try them out as well and I have to say they do have tons of bass but they sound cheap with tinny highs. The bass just overwhelms everything so I couldn't keep them.
I don't know but my dt770, although they have good tight bass, they don't shake with bass like the v-modas and when I turn the bass up on any song the dt770 distort fairly quickly. I do agree they are the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn.
Yeah they hurt my head too but you gotta stretch them for a while and it gets better. As for bass - i like my bass high in games - it makes explosions sound extremely real.
Nope - I've never gotten my hands on any of those.
v-modas sound amazing for gaming and they only 75 bucks right now
I just wanted to share my opinion about these 5 headphones - all around 75-150 bucks except for the beats. I personally own or tried out all of them and I have to say by far the best bass headphones out of all of them are the Vmoda crossfade lps. The bass is crisp and undistorted unlike what I get when I turn up the bass eq on all the others - even the dt770. I just got my dt770 and I don't know if there is a burn in time but so far they don't have as much bass as the...
Looking for LOD for the new iphone - anyone seen one or no when one will come out?
Thanks for the info - I listen to music mostly through my laptop so I guess more specifically now my question is will a DAC amp improve sound over an amp without it. And if yes whats the difference between the E7 and the E17 besides one being 80 dollars cheaper. And if I got the athm50 is an amp even needed with that low amount of impedance. 
Another question I have is can I only really improve my laptop's sound with a DAC portable amp?
So I am having a hard time figuring out what portable amp to buy with the headphone types I am considering buying and how I'll be using them. In terms of the headphones I plan to buy, I've narrowed my selection down to the ATHM50 and the DT770. I just recently lost my V-MODAS - I love the sound and the bass but my god did they hurt my ears so my new pair will have to be excellent in terms of comfort. I will be using my new headphones mostly through a laptop that makes...
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