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Here's my LCD2 cable experience. Late fall 2012, I purchased a set of used R1's  The seller was kind enough to include a 2M Steve Eddy Q-cable with the stock cable despite the fact he owned LCD3's.  The stock cable was longer but very bulky.  It's the round one.  Since the 2M Q-cable is too short from time to time I'd use the stock.  To my ears I couldn't detect, I'll say, any difference.   Then a couple months ago I purchase a new set of R2's.  They came with the new...
Yo ! U-Da-Man !!
I like the look too.    
I have limited experience with multiple cans.  I started with HD-650's and went to LCD2's.  There was nothing "wrong" with the HD-650's, I just new the LCD2's would that me to another place.    If that helps.
Oh no. It's cool. I will get 100% back including the cost to ship them back.   I just though,  I have these here.. a) are they any good? b) what are they worth?  Should I offer them "$ xx.xx" and get a partial refund? They are Mullard E188CC's   So, are 1980's cr*p ?
For the margin Tubemonger has in those, he will send you a replacement.
Check out my Avatar. Im a charter member of the Tube Voodoo Electronic Gadget club. or  Tube-VEG Club. "I hereby call this meeting to order."
Opinion needed.   I purchased these RTC's E188CC's from Langrex on eBay thinking they were 1960's Mullards. As Listed.   Thanks to H_K Sends and Tubemonger, it turns out they are 1980  Mullard E188CC's. dimple getters. The seller was great and apologized repeatedly and offered to refund my money including return shipping.   The box arrived today.  I have not opened...
Just opened a case with eBay.
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