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PS III for HD600 anyone? My budget can't reach the Horizon, how would the Sunrise do?
Is the LD 1 that good? I would assume that having a PSIII or Little Dot MKIII with stock tubes would be better than a Little Dot 1 with upgraded tubes.But money is not an option since i don't really plan to roll tubes. Thanks though!
If ever tube rolled, it would be later on. Like months later. I really don't want to get into it, it seems like it could get addictive.
I actually did lots of reading on the Valhalla, and found that it was on the bright side(a no for me) and that it wasn't that much of a jump from something like a Magni, which is in the same class as a E09K. If i was into treble energy i would probably be after it though... the aesthetics and build quality alone are superb.
The Project Sunrise would cost me $265, the Little Dot MKIII would cost me $240. They fall into my budget, and are both better than the LD 1+. I just want something that will get me out of the "meh" of my current E09K.  But thanks!
Yeah, i've heard the Horizon is perfect high impedance. But my budget really can't stretch past $270. I've pm'd the maker of the amps, and he said that even though the Horizon would be better for a HD600, it's not like the Sunrise can't drive it perfectly well. I just wanted a final opinion between it and the LD, but seeing as the Project Sunrise is based in US and i enjoy the versatility it offers, i'll get it. Thanks for the help. P.S: Used Cracks are usually upwards of...
Alright, before this turns into a tube vs SS for the next few posts... Can somebody answer the question i posted before this started? Any opinions of the Project Sunrise amp or is the Little Dot MKIII the way to go?
Alright, i'm giving in. After months and months of looking for an alternative and blah blah blah neutral blah blah treble and blah transparent... I'm going to get a tube amp for my HD600. I wish i could get the Crack, but i am just not going to get into the soldering and stuff. So these are my two choices(after weeks of research): Little Dot MKIII - they are said to perform very well with the HD600 and offer amazing value at their price point. In fact, i was sure i was...
Amps under $200 for HD650? The Objective 2 amp is a very transparent and neutral amp, and it has good power for the 650. It's $150. The Schiit Vali would also do a good job for this price range, and it's a warmer amp than the O2 if you like music that ways. It's $120. The Fiio E09K is the lowest cost option at $110, and it would drive them reasonably good. If you like a warm sound, the Little Dot MKII can be found under $200. Though the Little Dot MKIII costs $240 with...
Thank you very much for the explanation. So for an HD600 the difference would not be that great? Or would the G103 be worth the difference and hassle mostly if one had a planar...   But anyways, thanks for your time!
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