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You have an HE-6? Damn. I was going to offer an HE500 plus amp+odac   This is a pretty good price. Good luck!
I know it should work, but i have no idea which lightweight screws would be the ones to get or which size fits the HE500's. As far as comfort, coupled with the HM5 angled velour pads i'm getting, a 40-50 grams reduction would go a long ways towards making this headphone at least more tolerable. Right now, even if i'm really enjoying a lot how it sounds coming from HD600's, after about half an hour i do start to feel the pressure. Maybe the pads' help with weight...
^ So nobody has heard about this then?
This might be crazy, but i felt like this is the thread that could help me:   About 1 week ago, i was reading a thread (can't remember where, this is the part that sucks) about HE-500 mods and improving comfort. I remember reading a post from some guy where he said he was going to remove the the screws that hold together the HE-500 and replace them with lightweight screws? He sounded confident about it and mentioned it would potentially reduce the weight by 50g.    Is...
I'll be there. It'll be my first meet!   Only bringing a Hifiman HE500 though. Look forward to talking about headphones with knowledgeable people.
PS III for HD600 anyone? My budget can't reach the Horizon, how would the Sunrise do?
Is the LD 1 that good? I would assume that having a PSIII or Little Dot MKIII with stock tubes would be better than a Little Dot 1 with upgraded tubes.But money is not an option since i don't really plan to roll tubes. Thanks though!
If ever tube rolled, it would be later on. Like months later. I really don't want to get into it, it seems like it could get addictive.
I actually did lots of reading on the Valhalla, and found that it was on the bright side(a no for me) and that it wasn't that much of a jump from something like a Magni, which is in the same class as a E09K. If i was into treble energy i would probably be after it though... the aesthetics and build quality alone are superb.
The Project Sunrise would cost me $265, the Little Dot MKIII would cost me $240. They fall into my budget, and are both better than the LD 1+. I just want something that will get me out of the "meh" of my current E09K.  But thanks!
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