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 KimD, Noted, however I would not say the shells are anything remotely like a knife. But again yes I am listening, changes take some time. Thank you KimD
 1 year is the same as some others, JHaudio and Fitear, also I will service any Campfire Audio IEM for the life of the product regardless of the 1 year warranty listed. So for instance if a truck runs over your IEM I will repair or replace them for parts cost and shop time for the repair. (proof of purchase required) Also just because the shells are aluminum BA drivers are incredibly delicate, can and will be damaged if you drop them on a hard surface, submerge them in...
My dog is a mini yak. love it. mud paw.  kb
 LOL.    Yak, musk ox, yeti some of my favs. kb
Good points and yes they will be coming your way, I will get the CVS file. Cheers Ken
 Scrypt! where have you been ;-) Good to hear from you. ken
 Shockwaver, Hi and sorry, I would disagree, the Andromeda is not what I would call "super V" shaped, its rather flat with a slight elevation in the sub low, low, then flat on the mids followed by good HF extension and a set of strategic peaks. Cheers. ken
Hi Brooko, Thanks! No I sent you various tunings of the Andromeda ;-) We are always looking to improve, everything. But the shells remain the same. Thanksken
Hey all!   I want to again thank everyone who has posted and have been into our IEMs! Now that some of the new EMs are shipping and the reviews will be coming in I thought it might be good to post some frequency response measurements first before we see a lot of variations posted by people. Without going into a long drawn out thesis / debate on measurements I just want to say that I have not seen any reviewers measurements that are accurate and it can be difficult to...
 Of course we will refund the difference, Caleb was attempting to contact people and yeah sorry there were some wires crossed with the Mass Drop folks and really we thought it would only be a small order with them and were really surprised how many sold in the first hour before we lowered the numbers. Again we were not trying to slight our pre order folks. My apologies if anyone who bought a Nova felt as such. Thanks Ken
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