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Hey Guys, Thanks for stopping by and listening at AXPONA and the NY head-fi meet all. Onlychild, hang in there I should have a date soon, very close ;-).. .more info soon. Thank you ken
Refault, Sorry for the sold out-ness of the Rx. We are building the black Rx's now and should have them up on 1 - 2 weeks. I apologize for this situation and thank everyone for their patience. Ken
Hi Tibor, I would give the nod to the CDM, far less grainy is the biggest thing I notice, more low end extension and a overall larger musical sphere, DAC is also far better. The CDM is more advanced than the Pan AM on just about every level. I do not know of the CDM DAC can take the digits off the Sony player. Is the Sony Android based? Thanks Ken
We also now have Close Back EL8s in stock.   Here   All EL8s have free shipping.   Ken
Thanks Vinnie! I just want to gauge peoples thoughts on the gain we have selected for the Rx, we were using a iRiver and a iDevice and leaned to having it drive more (on the louder side) using a composite cross section of IEMs. My friends over at Headfonia let me know that with some of their IEMs using a DX90 as a source its a little too hot. I can easily lower the gain on anyone who also thinks its too loud too fast, very easy. However if you lower the gain with some...
 Indeed, the Rx comes with this $149 cable.  For the charger! but its a awesome USB digital cable! while supplies last. Ken
. I took some more photos today, couple more angles. all markings are engraved into the aluminum              
 Thanks guys. The feedback is so good to hear. We spent about a year going back a fourth with my engineer here on the Rx development, many revisions before settled. The Rx is made in the USA and designed by a USA EE with the guidance of me and Caleb here, lots of listening and tweaking. We are really happy with the size and level of price performance, and enclosure design. We will be selling the all black anodized versions later this month, $299 comes with the same high...
 It is normal for the pot when turned all the way down to zero (no sound), you should not hear anything, then when you turn the volume up just ever so slightly at the point where you can first barely hear some music this is where one channel will come in first. However this is not anywhere at listening levels, the moment the music becomes recognizable the left and right will quickly equal out even well before even low listening levels. Some less sensitive IEMs this will be...
Dear all,   We have Audeze EL8 open back headphones in stock as of April 7, hurry will not last ;-)   HERE
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