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 Hi Kikouyou, Sure, the tube design is such that while charging and listening you will hear some line noise, so we do not recommend critical listening while playing. I think its not noisy if you charge it via USB off a computer but the wall wart will yield line noise which is why we do not recommend you charge and listen. The Cv5 is a portable and was designed to really run off the clean battery power supply so please charge the battery and use it as intended, playing off...
Hey Guys,   I will leave the pre order price in place for another 24 - 48 hours and then move it to the regular price. FYI please be warned.   Thank you   ken
Hey Grumpy, The Rx is SUPER quite and again was designed for IEMs ONLY, so its not a super fair comparison. Also we think the Rx was and is really under appreciated as it is a quiet wonder.  The Cv5 works great with super hard to driver cans as well as IEMs, the Andromeda is one of the more sensitive IEMs out there but in no way do I or anyone here find the low gain noise floor a issue, I will let others decide here. RFI, its got a vacuum tube in it, I use Tidal with my...
Hey Guys,   Yes we are shipping early ;-) If you did not get a notification yours will ship on Monday but we are trying to get them all out today.   Thank you all for your order in advance!!   Ken
Meomap, Cool cant wait to hear your impressions. Ken
Yes, Its a 400mA tube, I cant say its a "upgrade" tube as I have in the past, probably not a good choice of words. But I think most people we find it a fun sounding tube that is a good alternative to the Phillips 6111. Thank you Ken
Hi Foks.   We are offering a 6832 tube for the Cv5 here   https://www.aloaudio.com/shop/cv5-6832/   The sound is a little "different" than the stock Phillips 6111 tube. I would say its a little thicker, but would rather have users comment when the time comes.   Thanks   Ken
The official thread also is here   http://www.head-fi.org/t/802291/introducing-the-new-continental-v5-portable-tube-amp   Thanks   ken
 Yes can play DSD files. Thank you Ken
 We just received a small shipment of ALO334 and ALO111s and they are now in stock.  You can grab them here https://www.aloaudio.com/product-category/earphones/ Please let me know you have any questions, you can PM me.  ALO audio is the only authorized USA dealer of these wonderful IEMs  Thank you Ken
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