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Mk3 b    1" Rx    .68" Thanks Ken
Thanks for the detailed review! m3k B vs Rx size for your reference.   Cheers Kb
Anderoan, You kind of made my day yesterday with your post, thank you so much ;-) I had a rough day yesterday so it was good to read at the end of the day, you know one of those days! Yes we really want to do a thinner amp but the darn digital volume controllers are all poopy, we have not given up on doing something more compact though.. still experimenting! Ken
HI Gr8soundz Battery life is about 7 hours, a little less when using the DAC. Batteries are use replaceable and we will carry the cells for all. Regarding the headphone drive question, its true, IEMs will be a big benefactor for the CDM. But the CDM will drive most cans nicely also it is VERY important to note that the balanced out headphone stage does sound better than the single ended headphone out stage. I say this because personally I have not heard much difference in...
 HI all, So the pin out is the same as what iRiver is using for their amps, so yes. Update on progress - so it looks like we are going to be delayed a week or so on the release. The boards are coming off the production line a lot slower that we had anticipated so we are not looking at mid to late June. I apologize for the delay. I will keep everyone updated. Thanks Ken
 Rodger that. I forgot to mention that we will have the unpopulated tube boards available for all who wants to use their own tube, we are working on the list of triode pencil tubes that will roll with the CDM. Also I have a number of Raytheon 6111s pre installed on these boards. The case is easy to open, I will work on detailed instructions on how to roll your own tubes, how to safely disassemble the CDM enclosure to change your tubes etc....  Thanks Ken
Audionewbi, Thank you for your input on a no DAC version of the CDM. I honor my head-fi friends suggestions, what do you think about a single 6111 tube version, no DAC, but a lot smaller than the CDM? Just a thought. Were pretty exhausted and broke :-) after making the CDM but are always looking forward. The real beauty with the design of the CDM is its lack of a step up transformer, this is huge. It allows for the virtually no tube microphonics, no tube "ping" and more...
 We went all out also on the glass and it is certified Gorilla Glass, so better than tempered again no expense was spared. Yes it will still break but you have to really whack it with something hard. We are including large and small ALO silicone straps for making your stacked rig, no case is yet on the horizon. We expanded the side vent holes but still the case needs to breathe and the tubes do get warm. Thanks Ken
 Levi, We plan to have the CDM around for some time.. so no not a limited run item. Thanks Ken
The Continental Dual Mono enclosure starts out as a solid block of aluminum and is CNC'd down to the final parts. Each enclosure hogs up around 45mins on the CNC for just one part to be made. I just wanted to share with all the process we went through in order to achieve the design goals, no expense was spared to make the CDM. The enclosures are truly aerospace grade quality parts.   The example below was pulled off the mill 75% through the...
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