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 News is... sorry we have had a mild set back so found something we need to correct that we thought was taken can of. I should have a update soon on what the new time frame will be.  We apologize for the delay but want to make the product as good as possible. Ken
Day one at the Campfire Audio and ALO table compressed into 2 min 26 seconds. Campfire at Fujiya Avic headphone festival from ALO Audio on Vimeo.   Thanks to all who stopped by, this years was exceptionally fun, and busy.   Cheers,   Ken 
 Ladies and Gentlemen, I submit to you the Tokyo show at the ALO and Campfire Audio table 9 hours compressed into 2 min. The show was very busy this year. KB Campfire at Fujiya Avic headphone festival from ALO Audio on Vimeo.
PrisimstormThe IEM business is very competitive unfortunately. I have to be able to innovate and release new products if I am to remain in business as well as stay competitive.More complex models of course will cost more. Top models 2 or 3 years ago today are just ok so the advancement of IEMs is kind of moving fast. I really do not want to sit on something I have designed that is very good for too long.But I understand your view on the matter for sure. Thank youKen
 musiclvr, Thank you sir, ken
Hey KimD, We just arrived in Tokyo to introduce the 2 new models at this years Tokyo Headphone festival. But I can say that my guys are making good progress, the first batch were built, tested, QC, re measured and paired, hurray! So boxing and another round of production is happing. We need to do several production runs in order to meet our orders. Review units are about to ship, followed by pre order guys. I am guessing first or second week of May but dont hold me to it...
Mimouille,Indeed please check ECT here and call them to find a location, they have ordered demo units.https://campfireaudio.com/dealers/ThanksKen
Musiclvr,I thank you very much sir, fair enough and understood! Perhaps it's possible to work something out. Let me speak to Caleb here and see what I can do about this.ThanksKen
Hey Guys,Both outlets will be receiving Andromeda as well as all my other dealers. ConnectIT has placed a order with us so they are on board. We really wanted to do something for my USA customers first but will be shipping dealer orders at the same time or very shortly after we ship the preorders.I can't stress enough it's literally me and a few other guys making everything, I spend all weekend on them :-)I thank you all for your comments, amazing patience, and support for...
 Its just a different shell, I bought a really cool SLA printer and we like to have fun with it ;-) We are not releasing any multi driver BA IEMs for some time.... Typically it takes 1 year from prototype to release anyhow.  Kb
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