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 Kilspeed True but if you import them import customs and duties would push your purchase over 1799 euros.  You are not annoying anyone ;-) Cheers Ken
 Thank you OK-guy. noted.  I love the Noble designs, I actually bought a pair. nice work. Ken
 I totally agree and I hope so ;-)  The expressed written thoughts and impressions of my posts are solely my personal (Kenneth Ball) opinion, yes I will sell them and I am by that fact bias! however my thoughts and impressions are truthful. If something sounds, looks, works poorly I do not post or talk about that in public, no way never, nor do we carry it. As everyone knows I rarely post about stuff, but in this case I guess I was a bit smitten with the player and I am at...
Mython, No no, no apology is needed! I totally understand. Its hard for me to post as a MFG, I am a long time head-fi sponsor but its still very hard for me to post. I think anyone who knows me knows me to be a straight shooter and honest but via email and posting its hard to know what people are up to, I understand this. People are naturally suspicious of vendors and I totally understand. ;-) Thanks for the reply Ken
 yes but that does not mean I am lying. Yes I have tried them, and yes I did not have one there to AB so this is of course my personal opinion. I would like to hear what Vinnies impression of it are at some point.  You have to try it yourself to make the determination. Ken
It's the best heIt's the best headphone amp in a player I have ever heard. I did try the Roxanne with it and combo was next level.Kb
  Come on guys, my personal rig is a AK100 with a white super cotton 8 mini to mini and a The International, this is what I am use to hearing. When I AB something I want to hear the International any my own mini to mini. When I used this in combo with the AK240 that is what sounded the best and what I took a photo of. The AK240s headphone stage is no slouch and I would not think 2x about using it straight out of the device. I am posting photos of it because I like the...
  The AK240 straight out of the unit sounded awesome, I just like using the amp because it still gives a little more punch and impact. Most times I do use a amp with my AK player sometimes I dont, like when size and weight is a issue while traveling. The AK240 headphone stage sounded very good.  Ken
 There are a few cable makers including myself and Drew at Moon that use a 4 pin mini XLR standard, ours is the Green Line cable, if you own one of these types of convertible cables all you need do is pick up the end terminating adapter piece. So we will add a mating miniXLR to 4 pole 2.5mm plug then all you need to do is add this to your existing cable if you already own one of these convertible type cables. I am not worried about the size of a 2.5mm mini plug breaking.  KB
Hey All,   I dropped by the iRiver room at CES today. I have to admit when I saw the photos posted of the AK240 I was really really puzzled by it, it looked like some kind of Klingon weapon with all the sharp edges. The odd angled edge was also a put off. However in person it is pretty sweet, fits well in my hand also the fit and finish drip high end, very polished and ergonomically fit. Sounded really good, I am so happy to see a line out function built into the device....
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