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 Hey Guys, Again sorry for the delay, I might have mentioned this in a previous post. So the Cv5 we thought was ready but found some things that I did not like and I felt rather than make a not 100% Cv5 I would go the extra mile and have the amp re engineered to make a better Cv5. So rather than making several revisions while shipping I would wait and get it right, again I apologize for how long this is taking. I would give a date but that got me in trouble last time so I...
Ahh.. Ok thanks for the info! Working on fixing that now. Please try again now.Again thank you.Ken
YaluenPlease order the Andromeda from the Campfireaudio.com website.ThanksKen
If anyone is looking for a item that we have yet to add please just PM me.   Thanks   Ken
HI All,   We have updated the Rx amp on our new website. So the new enclosure is improved and we hope people will like it as much as we do. Again all billet CNC, tighter tolerances, all markings are CNC engraved into the case. Comes in Gold or Black now. The amp is 100% the same as before so nothing internally has changes.   Please check out the updated Rx amp here   https://www.aloaudio.com/shop/rx/       FYI our website is currently under construction,...
Its is not with out trying, have been trying to get that licked for 3 years now... no dice. ;-( But hey thank you for the nod. kb
Dear Head-fi,   We are sorry we have had some unexpected problems with the ALO audio website over the last few weeks. We are working on the issues and in fact will be launching a all NEW ALO audio website momentarily. Please excuse the outage and slow roll out of the new website. We will turn the new website on as soon as possible. Please also note that we will be adding all products to this new website but it might take a few days to get everything on the new website...
Hi JeffriIndeed, it is the all new Rx enclosure! Made from a single block of billet aluminum and all CNC engraved markings with all around tighter tolerances. We as you know have been so busy these days with CFA that we have been a little slow on updating the website. We were going to "re release" the Rx but the guys at Massdrop beat me to it.Anyhow all new improved Rx enclosure! Same wonderful Rx amp inside. Great deal. We will update the website this week.ThanksKen
Nope. I will contact them. Thanks ;-) Ken
Hey KimD Yeah Caleb and I designed a 2 DAPs on paper and Caleb even mapped out the interface in great detail, over 2 years ago! We courted 2 companies to help us make it a reality. Both companies ended up being incompetent and could not do the things we needed them to do in order for our DAP to be awesome. We still have the designs (features, functions, industrial design and even the line out and headphone stage schematics) but every company we approach for this was unable...
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