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 So good ;-)... we are so happy with how things are going with the Vega, both pro reviews and customer feedback was and is everything we had hoped for. Ken
I bought one of these recently and love it, very tight and focused over all... I mainly bough it for the balanced out though, the balanced stages is done very well. I also bought a large shipment of the    4.4mm 5 pole Balanced Plugs   If anyone is into doing some DIY we have them.   Cheers   ken
Decommo, I use a lot of different DAPs with no amp as well as a iPhone 6, then also CV5 and CDM with a DAP, all these amps are less than 1 ohm. However I am spending a lot of time on SoundChecks diagnostic tools. As far as your statement of "bassy" less than one ohm and "thin" more than 2 ohm, if thats the case then I think no IEM is going to satisfy you. Ken
Yes, I dont see this when the jacket is Teflon or FEP.ken
HI Morimoriya 62, While your cables are not made my ALO I can talk about this issue with some experience. Your cables appear to use a PE (Polyethylene) jacket. A PE jacket can over time turn silver plated wire green in color or darker in color. The greening is called galvanic corrosion and while it sounds bad I have yet to see a audio cable that was impacted by this discoloration. From my experience as a long time cable maker this can happen when a PE jacket is used. While...
Come on man. FWIW our postal service in my area sucks, sometimes they dont deliver or dont pick up. I am currently in a feud with the USPS. Yes we have a total of 9 employees and via help desk we try to get back as soon as possible, no we dont work on the weekends. We also have a telephone number posted on the website so you can call, leave a message if we dont answer. Ken
  Thanks Don and welcome ye once lurker no more to Head-fi. I am also confounded by some users expressing so much on the Vega being sibilant, I and many others do not hear it that way- at all.... However I in no way am not saying others are not hearing it this way. I think everyone have sensitivity to certain freqs. We made the Vega as dynamic as possible and sound and perform as best as possible with no compromises. I find it to be a highly enjoyable and ultra dynamic IEM...
I totally agree here, I in no way would say the word sibilant in the same sentence with the Vega, its just not the case. Also yeah try not to use silicon tips with the Vega. ken
 Good point Twister6, We thoroughly burn in all our demos. also by the way I briefly auditioned Jude's Sony NW-WM1Z  ---for the love of god Sony please give your products a proper name instead of a number letter salad ;-) --- with my Vega in Tokyo and it was really something special. I did not want to have to pick up another player that was super $$ but after listening I broke down and ordered one. The sound from my Vega was super refined, spectacular, and cant wait to...
Hey audio123 Yes we are very excited to attend and show at the NYC Canjam show! Hope to see you all there. Ken
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