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Kim, The low drivers in the Jupiter will cover low and mid frequencies, so technically I would not say the Jupiter has no mids :-) the Andromeda has a dedicated mid BA where the Jupiter does not as you point out, but the tuning of the Jupiter is such that the low drivers also extend out into the midrange frequencies. Thanks Ken
 Nitrile, Sorry about that, direct orders which are mostly USA domestic we try and ship as we can, international orders are larger and we are having to fill large international dealer orders in the orders they were received and in full amounts. So as you indicated we have not been able to fill all our dealers orders. Again I apologize for this delay, of course this is not how I wanted things to go and we are working very hard to get every order filled.  Thank you for your...
 Thank you so much you guys, its a little rocky for us at the moment. We are really good at acoustic engineering and design but are getting out sea legs in the manufacturing bits, its really good to know our customers understand our challenges. Again I can not thank everyone enough. Ken
 Guys, There is no v2 or significant change in any of our earphones. There may be a very slight CNC change in the future but we are not sure when that might happen right away. We were thinking of making 2 angles a little smoother but this is not critical and side by side hardly noticeable. I think for clarification sake I must state that Campfire Audio is a very small batch operation and we literally make like 15 IEMs a day by hand here in my shop. I am very close to my...
Soon, pre order eminent. Stand by.Ken
Hi,No such thing sorry.Ken
 Hey Guys, Again sorry for the delay, I might have mentioned this in a previous post. So the Cv5 we thought was ready but found some things that I did not like and I felt rather than make a not 100% Cv5 I would go the extra mile and have the amp re engineered to make a better Cv5. So rather than making several revisions while shipping I would wait and get it right, again I apologize for how long this is taking. I would give a date but that got me in trouble last time so I...
Ahh.. Ok thanks for the info! Working on fixing that now. Please try again now.Again thank you.Ken
YaluenPlease order the Andromeda from the Campfireaudio.com website.ThanksKen
If anyone is looking for a item that we have yet to add please just PM me.   Thanks   Ken
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