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If you decide you need s bit more treble, consider cutting the padding out of the earcups. It really added what I thought they lacked from the beginning.
They were to rolled off in the highs for my liking, so I cut out the thick padding on the earcups.  I also spaced out the earcups with some tubing.  The last change was to add a silver cable.  Now they sound much better to my ears.  Actually, they are simply amazing compared to the much more expensive phones in my collection.
I've had my er4p's for over 12 years and they are still the best phones that I have.  I wish they made full size though.  I would buy them right now.  I've gotten so used to their really flat response and analytical sound that everything else just sounds like it needs to be equalized to sound right even my new Hifiman he400's.
This was my initial thoughts also. I have sltered my view a bit after some burn in period and also eqing the mids down a bit. Now I'm fairly satisfied with them. However, I still marvel everytime I put on my modded monoprice phones at how close they get to the 400'S.
I highly doubt that you would find the 400's fatiguing.  To me, they are anything but fatiguing. 
If you like the Grado sound and the high end sparkle that they produce, the 400's are probably the wrong phone for you.  I haven't been overly pleased with the 400's after having Grado's and Etymotics.  I expected the ortho 400's to be able to give me that increadible hi-hat/cymbal sparkle and have been disappointed.  Mine will probably be up for sale or trade in a few weeks.
If you decide to sell, send me a PM. 
that very well may be it.  I will give them some more time.  Thank you for the feedback.
OK.  I guess I'll order the Schiit M/M combo.  I read several people say that they were efficient enough to be powered by an iPod or other portable player.      I never said or even insinuated that. Thanks for your help.
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