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Checked those out, reviews seem to consider them bass light, and I'm gonna need something capable of of over powering the low growl of my ZRX1200, Also, it says they have an AL housing, and typically AL is prone to HF conductivity. Seems like they might play flat but I'm probably in need of a bottom and top heavy phone to counter wind/exhaust noise. My helmet is pretty quiet, but the more help I can get from the IEM's the better.  
My current headphones for home are Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250's, I do eq them (+5dB @25Hz,small slow peak from 300Hz ending 2Khz and a small boost at 12 & 20K)  to get the sound signature to meet my expectations. Looking for an IEM with a similar sound profile, sound stage and imaging. Also not looking to drop over $150  on them, they need to be able to take a beating so good build quality is a must. The smaller the better, and some noise isolation will be...
Would love to have the Ultrasone demo CD that used to be so popular, recently got into the headphone craze and I'm wanting to experience those tracks asap! Would be willing to buy the cd for sure, or a loss-less copy of it if anyone has it!   Current set-up is AKG-K702 Cans Bellari HA540 HP Amp Audioengine D1 24bit DAC enough pa stuff to shake a stick at...   Have a bunch of various Sony's laying around but the resolving power of the AKG's really suits my...
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