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To add to this, phone sells at $294 in ebay.....the listing description says, it comes with manufacturer warranty......So, its a good deal
This is what I found in phonearena review about lg v20 audio capabilities:"if you have a pair of high-impedance studio monitors, these will work with the phone just fine. Sound will be loud, clear, and dynamic. However, the great majority of earphones are of low impedance, so they’ll perform just as well in the V20 as they would in most other high-end handsets" Link for reference: http://www.phonearena.com/reviews/LG-V20-Review_id4262/page/3
Can someone help me decide between lg v10 and lg v20? I've listend to both of them in T-Mobile store for 5mins each by playing a youtube video (paired with Shure SE535). I felt v20 to be more analytical, v10 was more musical (compared to v20).  Not sure, if I should draw a conclusion with 5mins of listening.Has someone else listened to both these and ready to give their opinion?   On the other hand, lg v20 has much better camera,battery compared to v10. I listen to songs...
What earphones are you using? I hope you are not connected to external dac.
Any comparision between lg v10 and lg v20 ? Havent seen an in depth audio review on v20 here yet :(
That would be great if you could put your review comparing HTC 10, LG V10 as all other reviews are focussing on HTC 10 vs LG G5.... Can you add Miezu pro 5 into this list if possible? It should be okay without that too. PS: I am not an audiophile but checked HTC 10 , LG V10, S7 Edge in T Mobile store using youtube (not the best way) with my SE 535...... I felt LG V10 was slightly better compared to HTC 10..... HTC 10 was airy that didnt sounded natural (especially...
Can someone do a comparision between lg v10 and htc 10? 
I listened it in t mobile store through youtube(not the best way to test though)......it was warm for sure......it had a lot of air that sounded artificial to me. Regardless, the bass and trebles are sufficient
which model of xiaomi? is it mi5? MI5 works with US carriers.....so, it would be a good buy if its better than V10.
Sorry for not being clear, I already happen to use fire phone which i purchased last year after listening to it. Now, I am considering an upgrade to meizu,vivo provided they sound significantly better. Thanks for the links
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