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Thanks drewhaj, lofiears & somi for the suggestion!!! Unfortunately, I couldnt follow ur suggestion..... I have ordered an used pair of 535 (costing $290) just before seeing ur reply. Hopefully SE535 stays musical too
Hey Guys,   I've been using Westone UM2 from past 2 years. One fine day, they got washed with my pants and my left bud is not working. So, I am looking to buy a new pair of earphones, which I am looking for suggestions.   I am not an audiophile, but I listen to music a lot with my Galaxy SIII (mostly flac or 320kbps).I listen to Indian filmy music ( which will be a mix of genres.....so couldnt really classify the type of music but will be close to classical).   I...
True, bass is more... but I liked the way these doesnt overlap with mids/treble with westone um2
@davidcotton & Spyro:   Thanks for the replies......I was listening to flac's and 320kbps (acd rips)....I am not using any equalizer, but tried it with diff players on my laptop and diff players on my galaxy s3... it looked strange for me too
Hi Guys,   I recently bought westone um2 rc some 10 days back. As I keep hearing them with my galaxy S3, I am rarely getting to hear pianos and guitars, while the bass and trebles are good!! Pianos virtually exist, so inaudible that I am recognizing them only bcoz i heard the same songs with diff set of earphones (brainwavz m2).   Has anyone faced similar issue? Can I do something to get it right? The earphones have gone through around 30-40hrs listening. Does...
Thanks all for ur valuable suggestions..... I have ordered S3 (Indian version) and Weston UM2 :)   Hoping that the combination works good :)
Thanks zalithian.... does nexus 4 + earphone match the audio quality of buying a separate mp3 player or s3+earphone match a mp3 player?
Thanks in advance for the suggestions/opinions
Hey guys,   I am planning to upgrade my phone to nexus 4 and need ur suggestion regarding that. I decided to buy a mp3 player along with phone as I am looking for good audio quality.   My friend says instead of buying a mp3 player, if I spend my money on a good earphone, it would enhance sound to the same level.   Is that true? I am looking at sony z1060 as mp3 player and westone uem2 as earphone(open for suggestions though).   I hold Brainwavz M2 at...
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