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I am really into Uyama Hiroto, Shingo, Nujabes, and Hideo Kobayashi. Unfortunately, I live in the U.S. so buying CD's or albums from these artists is especially hard because the label that signed Uyama, Shingo, and Nujabes only ship within Japan. I could buy it on Amazon, but the prices are outrageous (~$80). Please contact me if you are located in Japan or have one of these discs that you could part with!   CD's/records wanted: Modal Soul Metaphorical...
I'm currently selling my Matrix M-Stage amp. College calls for some hard decisions and this is one of those :/   I bought this amp, but shortly had to make the decision to sell them; thus, they are in like new condition. They have only 20-30 hours clocked on them.    As you can see from the pictures, the amp is what I consider to be aesthetically flawless.    The price that I listed includes both shipping and Paypal costs.    EDIT : PRICE DROP TO $170
I'm looking to buy (like the title says) either the MDR-V6 or 7506.    PM me!
I don't have any PMs from you in box, unfortunately.    SALE PENDING.
To all that sent me PMs, I'm sorry for not responding. Been kind of busy as of late. Will reply now.
I am currently running them off of my Matrix M-stage amp. I have to say that they sound incredible. 
Yes, shipping will be covered.
I have decided to sell my Sennheiser HD 650 after getting put in a rough financial spot. Also, being of an open-back design, my roommates aren't too happy about it right now either. >.<   These are indeed the silver drivers.    They served me very well and I have treated them just as well. No aesthetic impurities anywhere.    Payment through Paypal only. No gift and no trades! I will cover the charges.    SOLD
Would you happen to have Tokyo Luxury Lounge 5?
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