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Personally, the worst headphone I have aver heard are the Skullcandy Skullcrusher. Compared them to my Shure SRH750DJ, they sound like cardboard (NO JOKE). Muddy bass drowned out what was left of good sound in pretty much all of the songs I listened to.
Dude, get the Shure SHR750DJ! Nice clear, crisp sound quality. Punchy bass!!! Some other people report comfort issues but i do not notice any pain while wearing them. (this depends if your ears are big or small) Sounds AMAZING with all music. Great build quality (made with metal and very high quality plastic. Couldn't believe they were only $150!  
"S-Logic" basically distributes the sound in a way that makes you think that there are speakers all around your head.
s-logic is a pro imo
HFI 580. Great bass. 3.5 Stars on Cnet. Only complaint was that the bass can be a bit overpowering while listening to some different albums. LOOK INTO THESE!
Ultrasone HFI 580 from what I've heard. $120 at SERIOUSLY, LOOK INTO THESE!!!  
for christmas i want a pair of shure shr750dj's!  
great minds think alike :P lolz
Beats stink, imo. sorry.
I listen to EDM, rap, and rock. If you have any other suggestions, please suggest (need to be under $150)
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