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I'm really considering modding the DI with 12mhz NDK clock has anyone else tried replacing the clock and how did it sound after the mod ?
Ah I think I mixed up yours/anax mod with some other guys hd800 mod that did something with the mesh. But removal of the dust cover gives greater clarity/transparency at the cost of spatial cues right?
Didn't know that I always thought removing the dust covers increased depth and transparency. If that's true wouldn't yours/anax mod then greatly help spatial cues because it dampens the mesh? Think im gonna visit my local hobby store tomorrow and buy some velvet/craft foam
Currently using the stock cable with removed dust covers. I don't really understand why people find the treble harsh maybe they come from a warm sounding headphone or just listen too loud? In my case my ears don't find the treble offensive until I crank it up really loud.
Exactly I love the wide soundstage in the HD800 but I find the depth of the T1 to be more satisfying. I'm gonna try one of those HD800 mods to see if it helps with the depth.
Hmm kinda weird but switching between my T1 and HD800 i find there to be better depth on the T1 than on the hd800. Does anyone know if it is possible to mod them for some more depth?
I don't really understand why many people are complaining about the bass and treble on this headphone. I find that it ruthlessly reveals your upstream gear for what it really sounds like. Tho it doesn't help that most music nowadays is mastered for the radio,car, beats etc anything with a smiley curve eq
Btw i've found that with most headphones they sound the best when they sit forward with the back of the earpads touching the ears. There could be more of a profound effect with the HD800 because the earcups are so big.
Do you think it's possible to run it without the rug liner and only remove the dust covers? Treble harshness is not really a problem never had any problems with it even tho i hear upto 18khz.
Just got my HD800 and im wondering has anyone tried running them without the dust covers no other mods done ? And if so was there better detail retrieval i heard that the covers remove a bit of the micro details.
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