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Well i have read about software vs hardware volume and i still do not understand much of it but basically i should have the windows volume to 100% and control the volume thru the amp instead right ?
Hi im considering purchasing the o2 amplifier for my dt770 but will i notice any noticeable gains in sound quality when i have the stx amp ?
well im about to switch op amp right now the only thing is im confused is there any particular side i have to put these on or will any side aslong as it fits work
Hi can anyone recommend me some op amps that work good with the dt770 pro 80 ? the stock JRC 2114 sounds a bit too bassy with the beyers
Hi i just got myself a Onkyo HT-S3500 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker knowing music and movies will sound much better with these than my cheapo onboard/creative speakers. And just had a epiphany that i have no idea how to get my av receiver to playback all my songs stored on the hdd without burning them all and switching each time. So just wondering anyone know how to get this to play my lists from foobar/wasapi ?? ps.. does anyone know if a soundcard will benefit with...
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