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Anyone have any thoughts about what input would be best between the PC and the DI I'm  thinking the USB would be better than both coax and optical.
Just received  the EDT T1V pads from thomann the pads do look a bit thicker than the EDT 990VB that i also ordered. At a glance i did not notice any differences other than the thickness, tho i have not critically looked for it either so could be that there are some differences that affect the SQ.
I believe the 20 eur shipping is standard at thomann. DHL is kinda expensive
For anyone wanting to replace their Beyerdynamic T1 pads you can contact and request a special order for the pads EDT T1V.   Just got a quote for 32,77 EUR + 20 EUR shipping from them.
It's likely possible that they changed the pads used in the newer production beyers
My Beyerdynamic T1 pads are really starting to wear out does anyone know where i can get some new ones i checked and i can only find the EDT990VB pads. According to beyerdynamic the right pads are the EDT t1V and i can,t find them anywhere but the beyerdynamic shop that does not ship to my country.
 Using the windows 10 test build atm, not noticed any difference in sound quality between OS when using ASIO/ALSA tho never tried it with high cpu usage so maybe i get dropouts.
No nothing wrong with the di it sounds excellent  much better than my previous transport. Just saying that if your handy with soldering the mxu8 will provide same or better performance for less cost. Running hdmi i2s is more stable than rj45 but i would still recommend running the shortest possible cable between them I like the Crystek 957 better it's easier to solder for hand and not so heat sensitive as the ndk. and as rb2013 said there is much less variances in the 957...
Just bought the DI 2014 with all upgrades. Tho i think the MXU8 with modded clocks and upgraded transformer would be a better price to performance ratio   btw does anyone know what clock is used in the DI with upgraded tcxo ? considering replacing the clock with crystek 957
Hmm it looks nice read a bit about it. the usb 32 chip that is used sounds kinda unstable lots of posts about stability problems bluescreens and detection
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