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I just asked DIYHNK about the pro3z and they have confirmed that they only use one 1uv LDO for it, i still think the pro3z would be better as it seems to give lower noise to the clocks vs F1 16uv.   i do kinda question their choice of using the xu216 more cores doesn't necessarily  mean better sound, it could actually be the opposite if the xu216 is more noisy than than the xu208 and the noise rides back through the LDO to the XOs.
Does anyone know if there is more information about the new SPDIF purifier like ldo used , jitter, phase noise performance etc.
So does this mean that we must use a balanced isolation transformer to get the best out of the ipower?And galvanically isolate any usb cable connecting other equipment to the DAC/amp etc?
The adm7150/7151 could actually be a better choice as it has a higher PSRR ratio.
Has anyone tried replacing the ADP150 with  a even lower noise ldo? considering replacing it with the lt3042 ldo.
Is anyone using the ipurifier2 with a dac that does not use usb power and was there any improvement as i have 2 choices now.   1: Run data only usb cable to dac 5v disconnected.   2:  ipurifier2 in dac but with 5v running through the cable as the ipur2 is usb powered.
Somewhere on the ipower forum threads ifi have actually said that the filtering on the ipower is both incoming and outgoing noise so it shouldn't put out mains noise either.
Hmm actually looking at the new ifi spdif purifier, and the theory behind the Genesis digital lense, it looks like jitter is completely eliminated excluding inherent jitter in the clock/pll used. If this is true then a ddc won't probably be necessary anymore with the purifier also having galvanic isolation. Correct me if im wrong.
First thing i would actually recommend to anyone who uses speakers is fix up your room, and get diffusers/absorbers/super chunks in corners.   I just did this and the improvement i got is leagues above any dac/amp/device i can think of. Your good to go tough if you only use headphones,  I'm probably not the norm tho since i strive to get my frequency response as flat as possible. even using studio monitors.
They should have made the SU-1 with a dc jack instead of a transformer, less emi/rfi inside chassis and cleaner power if buying a lps.
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