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Just wondering but was the hd800 profile done with the dust cover on or off?
Has anyone seen if it is possible to mod in a linear power supply to the Phonitor 2 ?
I'm currently powering my Dac & Amp on a dedicated circuit, with only the audio gear on it and, the computer/monitor connected to another circuit. I don't hear any audible ground noise/loop to my ears but would it be better to connect the computer to the same powerstrip anyway? I actually managed to reduce my smps switchers in the house to only the PC PSU and the router is powered by a ifi, everything else that is connected to the house grid has got ferrites attached to...
Well i asked for him to measure output impedance against frequency it will probably take some days before i get the measurement.
Well I've ordered both the meiyan rb2013 linked and this LPS so I figure I see which sounds best when they both arrive.
I contacted the one who builds the PSU about bandwidth specs he was asking how he should measure it.RF spectrum analyzer or the noise floor, or output impedance against frequency? Or do you just mean noise @ Xmv Sqrt(Hz)?What do you recommend?
Last time you listed your USB chain you where using a USB/SPDIF reclocker are you still using a Singxer or are you only using USB decrapifiers now?
I did link the measurement of the LDA power supply on a previous post it was 625ma load noise was 250nv.Actual noise from the LT3042 is probably higher as by itself it can only supply 200ma.
Actually it's 12v, do you think the LDA lps would be better than the R-core because of the lower noise even if it's toroidal?
Says max power consumption of Geek Pulse is 950ma but average is 650-950ma so anything will do.
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