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I don't really understand why many people are complaining about the bass and treble on this headphone. I find that it ruthlessly reveals your upstream gear for what it really sounds like. Tho it doesn't help that most music nowadays is mastered for the radio,car, beats etc anything with a smiley curve eq
Btw i've found that with most headphones they sound the best when they sit forward with the back of the earpads touching the ears. There could be more of a profound effect with the HD800 because the earcups are so big.
Do you think it's possible to run it without the rug liner and only remove the dust covers? Treble harshness is not really a problem never had any problems with it even tho i hear upto 18khz.
Just got my HD800 and im wondering has anyone tried running them without the dust covers no other mods done ? And if so was there better detail retrieval i heard that the covers remove a bit of the micro details.
The New X20 DAC looks good gonna probably buy it after it has been out for awhile and some early listening impressions have been posted.   Tho im wondering why did they decide to use toroids when a EI or R-core will have better noise rejection.
Anyone have any thoughts about what input would be best between the PC and the DI I'm  thinking the USB would be better than both coax and optical.
Just received  the EDT T1V pads from thomann the pads do look a bit thicker than the EDT 990VB that i also ordered. At a glance i did not notice any differences other than the thickness, tho i have not critically looked for it either so could be that there are some differences that affect the SQ.
I believe the 20 eur shipping is standard at thomann. DHL is kinda expensive
For anyone wanting to replace their Beyerdynamic T1 pads you can contact thomann.de and request a special order for the pads EDT T1V.   Just got a quote for 32,77 EUR + 20 EUR shipping from them.
It's likely possible that they changed the pads used in the newer production beyers
New Posts  All Forums: