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I thought most spdif implementations already have that via pulse transformers.
Hmm i wonder, if the spdif purifier, would be kinda redundant if we already have a very good ddc with ipurifier 2. Looking at the spdif purifier i see it takes power from a usb slot so i hope it's immune to PS noise or atleast ifi makes a ipower version for it.
A cheap way to get very clean power to your F1 would be a ipower 5V a female usb dc barrel adapter and a split usb cable.I seen some measurements of the ipower noise being around -100db aka 1uv.That way you can have the f1 electrically isolated from the pc/source
Looking at it the only difference between 9038 and 9028 seems to be less SNR and -2 THD right?
Nice! I bet that 9038 with es9311 will usher in many new top reference dacs. Tho it will probably hurt the resale value of last years top end dacs but thats technology and progress for ya, 6 months later something newer and better always comes out.
Any clue when the new 9038 chip is actually gonna be released?
Kinda confused about the wording but as i understand it the spdif on F1 can't do more than 192khz and 128 dsd/dop right? So basically only i2s supports upsampling to 352/384khz?
Thinking about buying the IP2 A version so i can have the ddc a bit further away from the computer, what im wondering is will the second usb cable have any effect on the performance of the IP2 compared to directly connecting with the B version?
I know the website says 1.8a but on my 12v ipower it actually says 1.1a.
Im kinda confused is the 12v ipower 1.1a or 1.8a?
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