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A new ipurifier for SPDIF will also come out soon.   http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2016/05/ifi-audios-spdif-ipurifier-debuts-at-fujiya-avic-spring-2016/
Has anyone tried the new ifi Nano usb 3.0? Thinking about getting that one instead of the W4S Recovery+ 9v ipower.
Nice one thing i recommend doing is to see if your dac can work with a RF attentuator using the BNC input, If you have one.
Do you know the product name of thos new spdif chips? Hmm so i guessed right that the chord was doing spdif via fpga. Now Im kinda itching to upgrade my dac again even if the schiit gumby sounds really good, im probably going to wait to 2017 for the new sabre dacs.
Well i admit my mistake about the 50ps jitter thing, but everywhere i look they mention 50ps for those most commonly used spdif recievers like wm8805/dir9001 says intrinsic period jitter of 50 ps RMS, even the cirrus datasheet mentions it. https://www.cirrus.com/en/mobile/products/pro/detail/P1262.html sorry if it came across that way, i didn't really mean to spread misinformation.
Well it probably depends on what dac they have, i have listened to some sub 1000$ dacs and hdmi i2s did improve many of them.Im kinda wondering what the new dacs that are gonna use the new ess9038pro will sound like. All dac chips on the market now are like 5-6 years old already.
Is it not impossible to get under 50ps jitter with SPDIF because there are no SPDIF receivers under 50ps?, lowest i can find is the dir9001 or the wm8804/8805. Technically a straight usb to i2s connection would be much better by bypassing the receiver
Hmm weird then when i tried this combination my f1 disappeared from devices on jriver. It shouldn't happen if you say that your cut from ground/power at pc ports.Still this ddc converters sounds really good directly to pc usb.The thing i notice most with f1 is the bass with my hd800.It's so much better than my fully upgraded di 2014.
I tried connecting my F1 by using a ipower > dc usb adapter > power injector but it looks like the f1 needs either a power or ground connection with the pc.
@ifi Audio   I'm thinking about putting a DC ipurifier after a ipower or would that be kinda redundant?   One other thing im wondering about is the ifi ipower is it okay to use 2 of them in the same socket or will the smps noise they put out on the mains affect them.
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