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So my f886 battery is basically useless now, gets through about one song and then says there's no power, so I'm trying to open it up to find out what battery it uses and replace it, but I can't seem to get the thing open... Anyone have any experience with this? I can't seem to find a teardown/dismantling of it anywhere online, I'm already really annoyed at how much damage I've done to it trying to open it up... :T Thanks in advance!
Can anyone provide a comparison with the F880 series in terms of sound quality? (F880 series apparently sounds identical the the ZX1 and so very similar to the ZX2?) Would it be worth upgrading solely based on SQ? I really like the look of the build quality and the 70hrs (mp3) playback is really tempting over the 10 or so I get from my F886... but at AU$700 it'll be while away... hahaha
Hahaha just spill it
Try putting it into a sealed bag or box of rice? or some silica gel if you have some? The rice/silica gel will absorb the moisture in the air allowing the device to dry faster (Y)On another note, has anyone actually updated to ver 1.24? any unwanted features or problems?
 Thanks for the recommendation! I'll look toward putting some funds toward it  But no one has any ideas about the unplayable AAC file and/or the ver1.24 update? 
So I recently got back from Japan along with a F886 and XBA-A3s but I have a couple questions about the F886; Where/how can I get a line out cable (if there is one) so I can avoid double amping? Does a FiiO E11 pair nicely in your opinion? I listen to a very wide range of music, so I have no particular preference about frequency response but I do like hard hitting bass when the track calls for it I have an AAC file that the stock player seems to refuse to play and I'm not...
 I found using an amp (FiiO E11, 0.5ohms impedance out), helps it sound more 'dynamic', more controlled and with better details. But the xba-3 is more a musical than a flat/reference/analytical earphone, so you can't really change that 'v-shaped' frequency response without some EQ-ing. I also found that with use (possibly burn-in?), the sibilance and metallic highs became much more tame, but that may also be due to me getting used to the sound sig, but I found that using...
Hi all, Can't seem to find what I'm looking for in previous threads so going to post here: I just got my hands on some FA-002W HE's and was wondering how they sound in comparison to the newer FA-003TiW's. I read that the FA-002W's were basically FA-003 with wooden cups and an audio filter, so I would think that a comparison between the FA-003Ti's and the FA-003 would be fairly valid in outlining the differences. Anyone had the chance to compare these or even better,...
I currently still own and love my xba-3s and their sound sig, just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for something similar in sound sig (other than another xba-3 haha) or that improves on it? just looking for a back up
Ah, I see... that's a pity, didn't want to have dish out ~70 for a decent DAC/AMP combo to get a more portable solution but I guess that's the only the only way to make full use of line out on androids :\ That's interesting though, I was wondering if the lightning devices would support a LOD... not sure why they'd remove that functionality Thanks for your help!
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