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I currently still own and love my xba-3s and their sound sig, just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for something similar in sound sig (other than another xba-3 haha) or that improves on it? just looking for a back up
Ah, I see... that's a pity, didn't want to have dish out ~70 for a decent DAC/AMP combo to get a more portable solution but I guess that's the only the only way to make full use of line out on androids :\ That's interesting though, I was wondering if the lightning devices would support a LOD... not sure why they'd remove that functionality Thanks for your help!
Hey guys,   So finally after months of on/off searching for fixes, I finally got line out audio out of my Nexus5 working, with a OTG cable to an ELE-DO1 USB DAC and a 3.5mm interconnect to my E11 (making it unwieldy to carry around for daily use - the E11 was already pushing it when I wear tight jeans hahaha), but it sounds considerably better than double amping out of the 3.5mm jack on the N5. And so my question here is, is there a cable available for android similar...
Just some shots I liked haha :)        
Hi, I've just gotten myself a pair of xba-3's and I was wondering if anyone here has done the filter mod (removing or adding foam) that seems to work for xba-4's, if so what were the changes in SQ and signature?
If anyone cant seem to find the JVCs on the site, they're on the Japanese site, so unless you can read Japanese, we only stare and drool. stare and drool.   Also, if anyone has auditioned the FXZ 100/200 for long enough to write a review, could you please link me and/or tell me how they stack up to wooduos 2 or the R-50s in terms of SQ and bang-for-buck? Thanks!
They're entry level IEMs. And the way I see it, an audiophile is just someone who appreciates listening to music from good quality earphones and could not have it any other way. But these are more or less not what you're referring to as 'audiophile', nevertheless, they're good, especially for the price.
I had the same concern when I was buying these, but since then I've grown to love the design, it stays in no problem, running, jumping, skating, getting hit by a car you didn't hear, etc etc And the price to performance is awesome.
^ agree with ying, I have the 215s too and for the price, they're a really good deal. And I've had no problems using them with any portable device since I've had them
Burning in of these typically don't change the sound that much, from what I've read and from my own experience, although it will make the overall sound smoother. And I agree with Watagump - they will burn in under normal use, there isn't really a certain way to burn in headphones, you can just use the music you listen to.
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