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I recently bought DT 990 Pro ans O2 AMP to work with my Asus DX for gaming and also music like black sabbath, doors, led zeppelin, queen etc.   Can I use the same config for music and gaming?   I have an issue when I try hear sound on left or right side. It look likes that the sound come from the both side. Do you know some site or file to test it? I searched here and I found one topic but the test appears that when the sound come from right side is a "high...
I have Mayflowers O2+Asus DX with beyer 990 PRO.... is there any interference using ODAC with Asus DX? Does it improve my sound quality? How can I use S/PDIF with Asus DX and ODAC?
Tks man, I will search some O2 threads   do I need enable DSP, EQ, etc for gaming?   do you know some advice or testing to test left right sound? as i said, it isn´t clearly enough... it looks like that is on both side   about my audio cable, I paid 1/3 over recommended because I find a good one only on web and I needed  one quickly. Now I have time to search a good and not expensive cable...
Thanks for help man
I disabled like you said and it´s too much better.... the sound is very good now About O2 Whats ´the difference between low gain and high gain? About the output sample rate... Would I set 44100 Hz and 24 bit resolution for music and gaming?   For gaming Do I need to enable all of your suggestion above? Include High gain on O2?         Yes, is the Audio Cable.... I bought a poor cable because I was hurry for one... and i didn´t tell it because I wanted a answer without a...
Hi people...   I´m newer with audio system and first I bought a ATH AD700+Asus Xonar DX.... I liked too much and improved my system with DT 990 Pro and Amp O2 with Asus DX.   For games the sound is near to perfection.... but my problem is with musics or voices on games. When I hear, looks like that Im inside of tin box.... I tried to use some default definitons on Asus DX and now is a litte better with classic music mode. And the sound of left and right is not...
is the o2 amp enough?
Yes.... did tyou test the O2?
Thanks. Now I need to find someone that ship to Brazil. I am sure that O2 will be better for me than E09k   Today I sold my AD700 and need to find a Beyer 990 Pro
OK   and the DAC of O2 DAC/AMP is too much better than my DAC?
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