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Not with my DAC-19, nope. Win10 is fine with it.In general, you will want to try different USB cables, different PC USB ports and even USB hubs. You will also want to remove any USB reclocker/purifier/cleaner from the signal chain.
 It's sad but true. Headphones are a huge multi-billion dollar market but audiophile amps and gear are still a tiny portion of that. Our local dealers here refuse to keep any stock of high ticket audiophile gear - even though they advertise themselves as being authorised dealers for the big head-fi audiophile brands, including Cayin.   Which is why I ordered my IHA-6 from China - if I was going to wait the same or longer amount of time to buy through a local dealer, I...
That's too bad for the 110v market then. Cayin should have more distributors/dealers outside of China.
It would be worth keeping in mind that there is a 220V version that doesn't have a voltage selection switch, such as the one that I have.
 Well, with headphones, the levels I listen at for long periods aren't quite that loud. I would say about as loud as a hotel lounge band plays or a wedding band maybe. Loud enough to definitely not be able to hear anything around me very well or at all.  At low levels I find that the LCD 2 and 3 really don't distinguish themselves all that much.  Retail is $995, the LCD 2 is in a different league altogether... It would make more sense to compare it to the HE-560 and T1,...
I have an O2 as well and as much as I love that little amp, I had already listened to LCD 2s on powerful amps and knew that it could be better at appropriately loud levels.When I did get a powerful amp of my own - the Audio-gd Precision 1 - the A-B difference was significant. There was more dynamism, immediacy and gravitas to the sound. Full bodied and much improved transients, not to mention the fantastic bass, the LCDs finally shined and produced the sound that only LCDs...
Your amp does not provide the LCD 2 with the right amount of power at 70ohms. It needs 1 to 4 watts of power at that impedance.
Your Taobao agent should be able to put in the request for the right voltage.Of course, warranty claims are probably next to non-existent this way but that would be what the extra $350 is for with a proper dealer.
The 2 differences between single ended and balanced operation that we care about are that balanced signals are grounded and not affected by grounding issues and that there is inherent line noise reduction by design - these don't exist in single ended operation.It's not to say that balanced systems are going to automatically beat single ended systems. Circuit designers have long worked with the limitations of single ended operation and if your system is properly grounded,...
I just got one for about $650 from China via Taobao.com. And I heartily recommend it for LCDs. Transparent, balanced, resolving and plenty of power to supply immediacy and gravitas to the music.
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