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 My head is big, so in the beginning I did leave them extended over a few books for a few days to soften the headband up a bit.  They are relatively heavy compared to other cans but I've long gotten used to that.  It's comfortable enough for me that I have no qualms about upgrading to LCD3s at some point.   
 All we need is to stay away from :p Seriously, I spent 3 years happily going at it with my DT880 Pro, thinking I was on top of the headphones world until I discovered this cursed website.  Ignorance is bliss. I am grateful for my LCD2 but my wallet, wife and other hobbies aren't very happy with it  :p 
For my LCD2s in order of preference: 1.  Russian gold grid Voskhods Where the rest of my tubes didn't quite deliver a signature tube sound, these tubes provide it in spades.  Cozy luscious mids, natural highs,` sufficient amounts of bass, making for a lovely analog sound - they're the perfect complement to the LCD2s.  If Alo Audio really did design the Pan Am for the LCD2s, these should have been the stock tubes.  Tube rolling is over for me.   2.  English...
 Both the pre and post Fazors sound absolutely fantastic and for my money beat everything else in their price range.  But as it always is with hifi, people strive for perfection and while it's not by leaps and bounds, the LCD2s can be outdone.  Having heard them I'm hoping some LCD3s are in my future but I can tell you that my LCD2s are easily keeping them at bay.      
I just received mine from bigbargainonline on ebay for $119 last Wednesday to replace my lost TBA04.  They may be discontinued but you can still find them
 I don't miss my nano iDSD amp section.  It doesn't do my LCD 2s justice.  Useful for when I bring just the iDSD along with my IEMs. I don't know about the micro iDSD's amp section but people are reporting that it's decent with full size cans that are harder to drive.  So you may end up choosing one over the other there.   If you're on a tight budget an ODAC will do just fine.  
 It's better to my ears - more refinement and substance to the highs, better imaging and a natural sound in comparison.  I find the ODAC to be superior to the onboard dac too. 
 According to Tyll the Fazored LCDs started 18th December 2013.  So if it's after that, you have the latest revision.
So I auditioned an HE-560 last weekend thinking it would be able to compete with the LCD 2s for my affection and it did nothing to impress me. It was brighter and more resolving yet at the same time had hollow and insubstantial mids, to the point where even a DT880 or HD600 has better midrange. It may have been a dud, or had no 'synergy' with the demo system but I've never heard my LCD2s sound terrible even on setups that don't give it enough juice. And even taking into...
  I tried them.  I tried them hard.  There was more than enough juice in either of the Audio-gd Master 9 and Schiit Mjolnir to drive them - with either Yulong DA8 & ODAC as sources.  I spent almost 4 hours listening, trying different combos.  I took smoke breaks.  I took a leak.  I unplugged the cable and blew on the plug.     I WANTED to like them, I had planned to buy them beforehand, presuming I'd have a quick audition.      But the mids...
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