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Hmm, that definitely makes me more reluctant of buying the SMSL. It looks nice for the money, but if the coaxial inputs are flaky, that would completely defeat the purpose for me.
Oh and I forgot to mention, this will be used strictly for CDs (redbook). I won't be putting any actual dvds in there.
Thanks for the response. Yeah, the output in the dvd player is a coaxial, just like what these dac/headphone amps have. But, like you said, I'm not sure if it outputs the same signal they require. I really don't know much about it.    I'll check on PartsExpress, thanks. I don't really like the idea of purchasing something from China, but the price is really tempting and it looks like what I would need.   If anyone else has some input, I'd appreciate it.
  Anyone have input on this? I'm curious about the same thing. The Maverick D1 looks like it'd fit the bill for a decent DAC/headphone amp to pair up with my old dvd player.
I posted a while ago asking about an affordable CD player. Since then I've pulled out an old (1999) Toshiba SD-2109 dvd player that I used to use. Tried it out with a few of my CDs and it sounds ok-ish, but not great (harsh treble, almost no bass). I think it's probably due in part to the old/cheap DAC.    However, it just so happens to have a coaxial digital output. So I'm thinking about getting a DAC/headphone amp. Like this: SMSL SD-793II   My question: are...
Thanks, Brunk. The Logitech thing looks neat, but I'm really looking to get back into a physical medium again. I've been into digital formats for quite a while now but I'm starting to miss the aesthetic experience that CDs provided. I have an iPod, smartphone, tablet, etc that I could (and currently do) use if I want to listen to my digital music on the go, but I don't really want to use any of those for my bedroom rig.   So the Marantz is probably a good option?...
Hey guys, first post here but have been lurking for quite sometime. So much great info here; it's been a great help so far.   I'm looking to get back into physical media. Had considered vinyl, but I think CDs are probably a lot practical for me (especially considering my budget). So I'm looking for a solid, affordable CDP to use with headphones...under $200.   I've found a good looking deal on a Marantz CD5001, which I've heard mostly good things about. Supposed...
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