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Can it be used with Astell and Kern DAP ... Am wondering how it can be connected 
  Enjoy and show us your feedback  :)
  what AD8620 ... sorry am not familiar with these terms ... Am new in headphone amps 
  Thanks for your useful inputs .. ma maaaaan 
  Thats why Am asking because I don't have the C421 and I hope to get it soon so I can give you my feedback ...but from what I heard and read it is a great investment ... another thing is Fiio e12 is about to be released so lets wait and see ;)
Thanks .. Will be waiting
Is it going to be in the same category of the JDS Labs C421 ... are they comparable to each other :)
  I've heard many things that make O2 one of the best .. but again its not portable ... any suggestions (getting an mp3 player for example)  :)       So I think it is better to get an mp3 player instead of using the iPhone but you know the problem is it would be so massy when you carry many things around (iPhone+mp3 player+Amp) ... that does not fit into on-the-go category that Am looking for .. what to do .. I don't know  :)
  First , thanks for your feedback I really appreciate it .. till now the C421 is my superior choice and I think it would be a waste of time and money starting by E11 and go up to C421 ... I think I should get it directly ... another thing is there are some people here suggesting that I should wait till Fiio E12 comes out so I can fairly compare it to the C421 since the E12 are targeted to the area the C421 sits in ... Thanks bro and enjoy the C421 to the maaaaaax  
  yea thats definitely adds up ... so i'll be waiting for your delivery as well ;) ... what do you mean by LOD sorry am not familiar with these terms if its a connector why would I need it .. my source will the iPhone 5 ... if its not would you suggest what kind of LOD and where to get it and how it works sorry for asking too much .. I  really appreciate your help bro  :)
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