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bumpidoo.... and maybe posting in the HP50 thread would yield more responses...
Thanks, I think I'll give it a go, definitely looking for a more neutral sound signature and details. The DT 770 works great for electro - hip hop - bass centric music, but detail is sometimes lacking and it sometimes sounds murky and overly warm with my DAC. Sounds like the K553 will bring a nice change to that, maybe at the expense of comfort and isolation. But for 120 bucks, worth it me thinks...
Exactly same question here, would it be a good replacement for DT-770 32 ohms? I am looking for something more balanced with less boom. Not that I think I would sell the Beyers, but it would be nice for classical or vocals to have cans a bit more neutral. is amazing  
My GO 450 has been dead-silent with all the headphones I have tried it with (DT770 32 LE, PFE112, SH215), no hint of hiss or background noise whatsoever. My uneducated here is that it might be highly dependent on the USB connection, and whether it is "natively" noisy or not. If it is noisy indead, then something like the Wyrd makes sense.
I couldn't agree more, Foobar sounds very dull after a session with Bug Head. I still cant figure out how the filters (or the software in general) are affecting the output, but the result is outstanding. Currently using Banana1 x4, everything is more energetic, bass is tight as can be, soundstage is more open... Music has never been as engaging. I can only urge people to try it out.
After running into the same problem, I uninstalled the DSDIFF component (it actually transcodes to PCM) and let the SACD component do the work (set up using the pdf guide Michael linked). No problem anymore, DSD is played as DSD (ie blue light on on your GO).
David Bowie . Five Years (from Bowie at the BEEB CD 2) Best lyrics, bass line, melody... ever.
Downloaded the 3.00 version for a try, and man, I must say I am impressed. SQ is amazing even with basic settings ( I don't have ASIO drivers for my DAC...yet, and only 6gb of ram), much more engaging and detailed than foobar. Just had a quick listen and might be getting carried away a bit, but WOW. Definitely worth a try, even if the UI Thanks for the heads up!
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