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OK thanks!
Still available?
I hear you, the USB connection is a bit too sensitive it seems. Guess one has to learn to live with it. After trying as you did re-installing drivers, closing - opening programs etc..., turning off then back on the monitor GO is connected to always fixes the issue. So this issue is surely AC (DC?) related, a tiny blimp in the current received by the unit must put it in sort of safe mode or something. Maybe someone more tech inclined willl chime in...
Same thing happens to me when my unit gets moved a little when plugged (by pulling the headphone cable for instance). My GO is plugged directly into my monitor USB port, and gets disconnected with the same error messages popping up when trying to play a file in Foobar or Musicbee. The solution is simple, it just takes to reseat the unit right and switch off - on the monitor. Works for me, it might be more of a hassle if your unit is plugged into your PC though.
I have had the HP50 for few weeks now, and coming from DT770 LE, I must say it is a great improvement. Soundstage is a lot wider, the bass is REALLY fast and does not sound bloated, more forward mids and non sibilant trebble. Overall very pleased, especially at the price I got them for (130 USD new).   However they can be a bit fatiguing on certain tracks and certain tones: it is quite hard to put a term on this, but some synths or cello in the upper mid range can sound...
bumpidoo.... and maybe posting in the HP50 thread would yield more responses...
Thanks, I think I'll give it a go, definitely looking for a more neutral sound signature and details. The DT 770 works great for electro - hip hop - bass centric music, but detail is sometimes lacking and it sometimes sounds murky and overly warm with my DAC. Sounds like the K553 will bring a nice change to that, maybe at the expense of comfort and isolation. But for 120 bucks, worth it me thinks...
Exactly same question here, would it be a good replacement for DT-770 32 ohms? I am looking for something more balanced with less boom. Not that I think I would sell the Beyers, but it would be nice for classical or vocals to have cans a bit more neutral.
charisma.com is amazing  
My GO 450 has been dead-silent with all the headphones I have tried it with (DT770 32 LE, PFE112, SH215), no hint of hiss or background noise whatsoever. My uneducated here is that it might be highly dependent on the USB connection, and whether it is "natively" noisy or not. If it is noisy indead, then something like the Wyrd makes sense.
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