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Just happened across this thread. I'm the original owner of #321...still my favorite pair of headphones!   Edited to add: ordered 6/9/2009, received 8/20/2009.
I've been away from this wonderful hobby for a few years now. Partially, it's because I had my own "R10 moment". For me, it was the Grado HF-2. It makes music simply alive.   This monumental review was an absolute pleasure to read, and rekindled my interest in the current state of the market. In particular, I'm now intrigued by orthodynamic design, and the HE-500 in particular.   Thank you!
Sold! Thanks for inquiries, all.  
Sale pending.  
For sale is a beautiful HD600, like new in box, $290 shipped SOLD. Functionally and cosmetically excellent.   I'm the second owner. Soon after I purchased them I got a great deal on an HD650 and found that I preferred those. These have been kept unused in smoke-free, room temperature storage and have very few hours on them. They should go to a good home to be appreciated!   Includes headphones with stock cable and 1/8" to 1/4" adapter, box, and...
Bump!   Probably going to keep 'em if not sold by Monday.
FINAL Price Drop bump!
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