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Which one is better when it comes to quality?
One last question, which one would be more better on the sound quality? The E10 itself or the Card & the E11 combined? & Thanks PurpleAngel for all the responses and help, really appreciated man ^__^
Should I get the DGX or just the DG? Would it make a difference seeing as I will be using it for games as well.
Just under $100 for both the Card and AMP.
Do you suggest me getting a Xonar DG or DGX Sound Card with that Amp since I will be plugging it into my desktop or the E10 since it is USB?
Which one would be better? Just using the FiiO E10 itself or Xonar DG(X) Sound Card with the FiiO E11. If with the sound card which one would be better? The DG or the DGX seeing as I am using these headphones for mainly music and gaming. Thanks Guys, ~Newbie
My budget would be aroudn the $50 range.
It's not a laptop, it's a desktop if it makes any difference? Or is it still the same? Gaming Custom Built Desktop if that makes any difference.
Thanks for the Reply!! Is there any other suggestions on what should I do?
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