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Great review.  Particularly your last post that focuses on giving the proper context and perspective on each of these headphones. 
duly noted
Anyone listen to both side by side?  Are they similar enough that there's no reason to own both or are they different enough to warrant getting one of each?
Amped by the E6 vs. E07K
Listening to Pink Martini right now on the DT1350.  Wow!!!.  And yes, the soundstage is improved too.  More spatious. For sure.  For closed I'm very pleased.  Bass sounds more punchy and tighter.  Loving it too!!!
I received my E07K yesterday. I think with many so called "Re-Mastered" CD's and recent recordings the master volume is overdone and when a singer's vocals peaks I heard this "crackling" noise.  I guess the little e6 just couldn't handle it.  Never had this problem with low bit rate files (128-256 kbps).  Played those same songs again with the E07K and its gone.  It seems my DT1350 was a bit under driven with the E6.   I think the sound signature has softened up a...
I've been been using a Fiio E6 to drive my month old DT1350.  I think it may be a bit underpowered.  I've ordered the new E07K already.  Does it have sufficient power to drive my DT1350?
Just ordered this to drive my DT1350.  I don't think my little Fiio e6 was quite doing the job.     Hard to describe but on some parts of a song where there's a "peak" like when a singer's voice rises I hear crackling.  These are Apple lossless files.  I'm thinking my DT1350 was slightly under driven and the e07k will help clear it up.
Just purely on looks alone if someone said I had to wear either the HD598's or Dr. Dre Beats out in public I'd have to flip a coin.  I can deal with ugly cans.  But not bad taste.
I actually prefer my SR60 without an amp when plugged in directly to my 6th Gen iPod nano.  Haven't tried the DT1350 directly into the Nano again since I first got it.  Its just that the iPod Classic 7th Gen sound quality is so bad to my ears the E6 with LOD is preferable for both cans. So I'm not using the E6 with the iPod Classic for more volume but SQ.  ' edit: Actually I do remember plugging the DT1350 directly into the Nano and I preferred that the best of all.  Its...
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