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Ah well... Thanks anyway
looks good, a few general questions: 1) on the back of the case, what's the rainbow coloured stuff? 2) how long has it been used for? 3) shipping to UK?
any chance of USB hard drive support? Maybe its already been covered in the thread but I've only just joined in. Also, how's the durability of the jack looking, I was always dissapointed with my sansa clip+ lasting about 6 or so months.
These vs um1s, how much difference is there other than the colours and the cable?
thank you so much, price looks good, and I'm just about to look through some reviews, what with the emphasized bass I could just EQ that if it's a problem, and the with the cable advice that's very helpful. Thanks once again
My beloved and well worn monoprices have got the old cable problem,(you have to twist it round to get signal to one side, I.e. one side cable has broken) this I'm sure has left many people in tears... Anyway before I get too distracted, the main points of this are: A) I'm now left using my Lindy's, and as much as I love 'em, wearing them for extended periods of time are going to be painful due to my (hopefully temporary) ear problem, so I either need to get some more...
My music teacher is in a quartet with a cables expert who writes for what HiFi I think XD
That actually made my day, thanks for that, most people I know think it's the most stupid obsession ever until they want a pair of headphones. I also play three instruments (done one grade 8 doing two more in autumn hopefully) and speed stack so youth of today aren't entirely awful
as much as I'd like to go, my parents hate "my obsession" so no, I can't go. Oh well, two more years.
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