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Im in US
the whiplash website says its for JHA, UE and Westone... But I only have JH 
PIC upload
Bought this Twag v2 from Whiplash audio, 2 weeks ago,    Decide to selling it, cable looks perfect and also works perfect.    The original price was $315, you save 95 bucks here.   Please PM me, if interested.    IPOD is not include   price includes all the fee (shipping and paypal fee)
I ordered a Twag v2 last week. I want to change the non-OM version to a OM version.   I tried to send whiplash email but it seems that there is no one will reply them.   Also call the phone, but it connects to the voice box all the time.    Feel pretty uncomfortable about their customer service.
If anyone wants to sell either of the amps, please PM me. I‘d like to offer you at least $250 for either of the amp. Thank you 
If you are interested in selling this amp, please pm me.   I would like to pay at least $150 on this app    Thanks guys:)
price drop
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