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Something that works all around. I like the TF10s, but a tad more bass wouldn't be a bad thing. I listen to everything from heavy metal to acoustic guitar hipster music, so it needs to be versatile.
God, it's been ages since I've been here. Managed to kick the gear bug for quite some time though. I'm currently running two setups- TripleFi 10s through a Schiit Modi+Magni at home, and Klipsch Image S4s on my phone on the go. I'm looking to get a pair of full size headphones. They'll likely see use both at home and away-I don't want them to be super noise isolating, enough that I can focus on the music but as much as my in-ear earphones. When I need real isolation,...
Those are just amps, they need LODs, not USB ports.
I occasionally have that issue, I just dosudo apt-get remove alsa-utilssudo apt-get install alsa-utilsAlright, thanks.
Hey all, I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, with a Schiit Modi USB DAC. My sound output has 3 choices- Digital Output (S/PDIF) Built-in Audio Analog Output Built-in Audio Analog Output Schiit USB Audio Device The Analog-Schiit setting works, but the "Analog" confuses me. Could it actually be outputting an analog signal into the DAC? Or is this working as it should?   Thanks. ender
The following use the same size Comply tips, and should work-AF12, AF9-BK, CX21P, M11, M16-MT, M21, M31, M9, N8, N9, R1, R12, SP51, SX-31. So any Me-Elec tips for those models *should* work with the Monoprices.
Hadn't heard about this. Do you have a link to where you found this?
The right appears to be full USB, not micro.
I bought the silver ones based on looks...I love having miniature hair dryers stuck to my ears :D
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