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yeah its definitely not from my headphone, tried it. its coming from my asus D2X soundcard. if i keep it plugged in to the sound card, will it break my headphone? thats my better DAC as from now before i move in to buy others
ummm no+.+ the static gone if i stop the music for like 10 sec then its gone but for the pause between songs its "zzzzzzzrtttttttt" which is really annoying 
ahhh i understand now, but in theory say one amp that could drive perfectly low and high impedance headphone. will the sound signature from the amp present perfectly on both headphone? i'm just talking about the sound signature of the amp though. or its impossible because it really depends on lot of things? lets just say the sensitivity is the same
being out of topic here, if there's a static noise with my HD650, is that normal? it usually there when i play the music, reduce the volume to zero then there's the static, if i pause the music the static stop then gradually come back. i suspect it must be something to do with my PC giving static voltage. is that ok or i need to fix it somehow?
  so if we're talking about high impedance high sensitivity and low impedance high sensitivity or mix of it, if i understand correctly, its the signature of the sound that will be affected(such as bass treble, etc) not the actual improvement even if driven from the same amp?
after reading difference between low and high impedance, i still didn't get clear of some things in my mind so i'll just ask anyway when you use amplifier, say that can drive up to 600 ohm, with low impedance headphone will the difference is as big as the one with high impedance? or its just like reaching point a to b and high impedance like a truck that requires big engine and low impedance headphone like sports car, it can reach them easily but eventually the...
hi, do anyone here actually in the audio business? want to get some experiences in the management of audio business if anyone care to share:) maybe this thread will be useful in helping fellow head-fi member to turn their hobby into personal income too
yeah it'll be lovely to audition the headset with pair of many combination since i see many recommendation i really hope we could just waltz into some store and get a honest professional advice without them bugging me to buy the most expensive one.         and don't throw me stone for this question, but is the source mean the format of the song? speaking of format i've tried 192 khz lossless format and compared it with 44.1 khz, not much difference. but saying that...
yeah he said something like this or Lehman Rhinelander (i'm not sure which one he exaclty mention) but he said i basically get $1200 amp with the price of $300 and he even provided DAC pair of it. amazing price and the sound quality just wow i might want to try the schiit valhalla, hear a lot of that here and it seems have a very good reputation, thanx a lot   is there actually a portable amp that can drive the HD650 fully? or its just too much? and i'm not talking about...
Hi guys, i am new here but i've spent hundred of pages and multiple threads on head-fi before i decided on a new pair... then it all concluding into new, shiny pair of HD650 :D, because i'm new to this audiophile world forgive me if i use incorrect word/jargon and please move/remove this post if its not in correct place   so here's the story   got my HD650 2 days ago, massive leap from my Plantronic Gamecom 777. But why i didn't see lightyears leap in listening...
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