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 All of my files are FLAC and 320kbps MP3, maybe i need more time to be accustomed to the sound signature between the DX80 and the etys. What make me curious, the sssss doesn't show up when i play the files in my PC. I don't have any equipment attached to my PC though +.+
ok its called sibilance thank you. Maybe its the headphone, the sssss is not as prevalent when i am using the ER4PT rather than the ER4S. 
Got this new baby today, very amazing indeed! however, do you guys sense there is a lot of hiss? ( i think its what its called, like the extra, often extended "csssssss" on the cymbal) i am using ER4PT/S. do you guys experience something similar?
 Thanx Sandalaudio, still trying to look for my first DAP, will definitely look into this one.
Thanx H20, Does it sound well when matched with the ER4/S? how does it compare to FiiO X3II?
Hi guys, just wondering if the DX80 works well with etymotic ER4/S? i read that it can drive up to 600 ohm somewhere but i am not 100% certain. Anybody can clarify on this? will it be a good pairing? thanks
Thanx a lot h20, it's time for me to go out there and try each of your recommendation, hopefully i will get one soon :)
 Yeah, i got what you mean . Now i just need a good player.I have seen you prefer the Colorfly C4 with the ER4PT.I know sometimes quality can't be separated from price, but do you have similar alternative that probably cost less? Now i have good IEM i can bring quality music on the go.
Good my ER4PT today,   Clearly the cleanest sound of IEM that I have ever use (the list is not long). Adequate bass, clear mid and high, it seems I can hear every single instrument and in acoustic music it seems I can even feel how the guitar is played, amazing IEM   To my not-so audiophile ear, it is a bit overwhelming at first. I can hear all the instrument as separate instrument when I usually hear it as one (hope you got what I mean, don't know how to explain it...
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