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Thanx a lot h20, it's time for me to go out there and try each of your recommendation, hopefully i will get one soon :)
 Yeah, i got what you mean . Now i just need a good player.I have seen you prefer the Colorfly C4 with the ER4PT.I know sometimes quality can't be separated from price, but do you have similar alternative that probably cost less? Now i have good IEM i can bring quality music on the go.
Good my ER4PT today,   Clearly the cleanest sound of IEM that I have ever use (the list is not long). Adequate bass, clear mid and high, it seems I can hear every single instrument and in acoustic music it seems I can even feel how the guitar is played, amazing IEM   To my not-so audiophile ear, it is a bit overwhelming at first. I can hear all the instrument as separate instrument when I usually hear it as one (hope you got what I mean, don't know how to explain it...
I am noticing that asian (Korean and Chinese) solo singer with unique voice tend to have more emphasis in their recording style (overshadowing the instruments). As a result, they always seems to sing very close to the mic. Do anyone notice this or is it just my head playing tricks on me? I would like to get your opinion since i literally don't know anything about recording or music producing.
I read a lot of earphones to replace my too-bassy Yamaha M200, my research eventually lead me to buy one of ER4PT! Thanks to this thread particularly, i can't wait to try my ER4PT, which will arrive in two-three days. i hope they are suited to my mostly pop and rock collections.
at last i buy my rca adapter! but something weird happen... how come the volume is louder without the m-stage? did i do something wrong? +.+
  yeah as i expected thanx a lot guys! now i need to wait two days before i can waltz into shop and buy one, seems eargasm need to wait 
Hi guys, this is my first time buying an amp, which is the m-stage! All seems solid and cool and awesome! just one problem though.... ..... I don't know how to plug it in to my xonar d2x... Should it be using the spdif out? The red and white rca cable? It doesn't give anything beside static sound to my headphone... Any help is appreciated:)
thanx for the answer! learn a lot about relation between those two! . still need to learn many things about amplifier and what it actually do but i will get there..... eventually 
about 3 days. i hope nothing happen to the driver. for safety precaution i'll just use my onboard sound card before any experienced user here can say its ok to plug in it again to my D2X....
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