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as i checked on japan site, the new fitear has the same price of the parterre :)) 
have anyone try ZX1 + K10 ?? , I want this player so bad but nowhere have stock :(
 awww, what the ..... :(( im so regret that I didnt fly to Singapore this time
hmm anyone know when the K812 will be available ???
I prefer the parterre over the 334 because of the bass. Indeed, the 334 do provide a better depth than the parterre and more real in piano presentation. but the parterre has lesser bass punch than the 334 which make the parterre sound more airy and relaxing. with my preference, I am usually feel fatigue after listen to the 334 for over one hour.
i don't have the TH900 but I do heard it before, all I can say is TH900 quite different from parterre. The overall sound of parterre is more smooth and musical than th900 while the th900 have better treble extention
I tried the M8 with my fitear parterre in mook festival. At that time , the M8 not impress me at all. However, when received the M8, I tried my HD800 with M8, it completely wow me. Everything seem like going the way I want. I feel the M8 even better than my dac mini when I pair with my hd800. the treb switch really useful. it make my hd800's treble even more sparkle without any sibilance. The mid range is smoother than my dac mini, make my hd800 sound more relax and better...
pm sent
I have the same opinion. at first, I expect the F111 has very sparkle treble but I found it even much lesser sparkle than my parterre
if anyone want a more sparkle treble ( more closer to K3003 treble ), and slight less bass , less upfront mid, more airy sounding ....... try the K3003's tips ........i sure that you will see the different .......... I found the parterre sound extremely good when pair with my ak100 ( no mod 0 ohm OI ) and k3003's silicon tips. With my preference, i can say ak100 is the best source can make the parterre sound the best as it can. ( even better than tera player and AK120...
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