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Can you use the included headphones directly with iphone or will you need an adaptor?
I'm a bit scared of IE80: I like bass, but I'm no basshead...
I just took Sony mh1c (which seem to offer pretty good sound for a ridicolous price) to decide if I like warm+sweet more than balanced... 
I'd like them too but they're well over 250€ Ok, found them for 250€ Are they better them turbine pro copper for vocals? Have anyone tried superdarts for rock?
Ah, one more thing: what about Monster TP Copper?
Thanks for the answers, I'd pick the SM3 but I can't find it anywhere at decent price... Has anyone heard the ones I mentioned before? P.s. I read those threads many many times, but only one mentioned the superdarts while none of them talks about se425
Hi, this is my first post but I started reading this (wonderful  ) forum months ago... I'm going to buy a new pair of IEMs but I can't decide which one is the best in the 250€ price range... My library is 90% composed of rock, hard rock and metal music. I'm searching for something that sounds fun, with a good quantity of bass and an airy soundstage... Also, build quality is quite important for me, and since I intend to use them for portable use I prefer not to...
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