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My 681 Evo just broke (headband snapped off and the the top 2 rods(?) are cracking) and so I'm looking for a replacement set with a similar sound signature around the $100 bracket. Looking for an open over ear set. The source would be my desktop with a Sound Blaster Z.   I tried researching what was around this price bracket, and found headphones such as the SHP9500, AD700X, DT990 Pro, K240 MK II. Apparently the SHP9500 and AD700X lack bass, the DT990 seems to be more in...
Received a replacement UE 900 last week, so I guess Logitech still has some left.  Can't believe they are already discontinued.
Hm, 840 seems to be more for me then. How's the comfort? I've heard it can be quite heavy and uncomfortable.
I'm looking for a closed, circumaural set of headphones for <$200. I would use these on the go and at home, so some portability would be nice. I prefer something with the sound signature of the TripleFi 10 with a litte less treble. I also find the UE 900 fine as the way they are. (hopefully that gives somewhat of a good idea of what I like?). I listen to all kinds of music, but I dislike dubstep and music like that. It really doesn't matter if it needs an amp or not (I'd...
  Forgot to mention I wanted around ear too, not on ear. 
I'm currently using earbuds (UE TripleFi 10) for music listening and after using a gaming headset for a long time on the computer, I've decided that I want around ear (not on ear) headphones instead. They are much more comfortable.   I want headphones that are under $50. I know the sound quality won't be as good as the TripleFi 10, but that's fine. I'd like around ear, not on ear. On ear is uncomfortable. I think I'd prefer closed, however I'm not ruling out...
What are the point of the LODs? Is there any difference vs the audio jack? I'm talking about something like the FiiO L9, L11, etc.
I bent the pins on the right side of the cable for my Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 while putting them in. However, I bent them back to normal quite easily and the sound seems to be fine. Do you think there's anything wrong with the cable or is it going to be fine?
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