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Since my piano has two outputs (one L and one R, each with two output channels), both will not go to the amp simultaneously using the RCA cables (since each input is limited to only two RCA cables, not four). What is the best way to get all (four?) signals to the amp? Should I just use the mic out jack with two channels? What's the difference?
Thanks. So the way I understand things, is that it matters not whether my PC output is via a fancy soundcard S/PDIF output or just the integrated motherboard digital out; it should all be a carbon copy of the 1's and 0's, which then are converted in the external Amp/DAC setup I have? Is that true? I do not plan to use software from the PC, I just want unadultered digital sound, let the DAC do all the work.   Thanks for the software tips as well.
I appreciate this advice. I bought a module dac that fits into the amp. Called Mdc-DAC. Not sure if link works, but googling the nad 375 DAC finds it.
Hi. I acknowledge that if I search for this topic I will eventually find info, but I got tired.   1) I ultimately want digital out from my PC (via usb, coax, or fibre) to go to my integrated DAC which will accept any of the aforementioned connectors. I want the signal to be purely digital and unadultered along the way.   2) What software is typically recommended for this? How do I ensure that there is no loss from PC to AMP (well, DAC)?    3) Will iphone to...
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