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I've been looking for some headphones with big jaw-shaking bass like the Sony XB500's, but also with the crystal clear sound quality of the Audio-Technica ATH-M50's. I mostly listen to Trap music which is basically a Hip-Hop gangsta beat combined with Dubstep. Trap songs have a lot of bass and many Dubstep songs have a lot of bass, but also a lot of detail in the song. Therefor combining these two headphones would be a perfect combination for this genre. Any know of any...
I'm looking for a suitable headphone amp under $100 for my laptop to use with my Audio Technica ATH-M50's and my Sony MDR-1R's. I mostly listen to chill electronic and dubstep. Preferably portable, but I don't want a large amp.   I've already looked at the Fiio lineup, but none really suit my needs for the quality. I've also looked at the JDS Labs cMoyBB, but I've heard that the bass boost isn't that much of a boost, and the compatibility wasn't that good with low...
Yeah, but extending the bass on the M50's doesn't really compare to the XB500's bass. I really want some headphones with a mostly flat response with an extension to the bass.
No, my bad actually. lol
The cans you suggested don't really go low enough for me.
Right now I currently own the ATH-M50's and XB500's. I'm looking for something that has detailed sound quality like the M50's, but they lack some bass(to me atleast). I got used to the bass on the XB500's and I'm a basshead, but I also love outstanding sound quality. So, maybe something similar to a combination of these two headphones. I've also been looking at the new Sony MDR 1's and the Denon D2000's, but I don't know if those have enough bass.   Oh, and maybe...
What kind of music do you listen to more specifically?
Seems pretty good, can you link me to some good reviews?
I'm mostly looking for an amp under $200 for some portable headphones such as Audio Technica ATH-M50 and Sony MDR 1R. I mostly listen to chill electronic and dubstep. If so any respectable amps under $100 would be fine too.
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