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Yeah, Hero by the Pegboard Nerds is mental, and I don't typically enjoy hard style. And TeskR have you listened to Haywyre's debut album? I thoroughly enjoyed it as a whole, but particularly like the track Voice of Reason off of it.
You do realize hip hop is electronic music right? Modern hip hop production uses samplers, sequencers, drum machines, synthesizers, turntables, as well as live instrumentation. Electronic music is often associated with drugs too, it is not just hip hop. Just because someone likes a song that is a bit old or overplayed doesn't mean you are better than them because you exclusively listen to artists that have under 10k followers on soundcloud.
Why can't you like both popular artists and obscure artists? Lots of people do, including myself. Seriously dude, just go to and discover it for yourself. They have everything. Animals is an electro house song. When you say house music I assume you mean house music, such as this or this, not electro. If she likes animals she would probably like most of the other songs spinnin' records releases.
Lol, Beatport is an online music store that specializes in electronic music. It is also the website that almost every dj uses to purchase music. Oftentimes Beatport is the only place to purchase a lossless copy of a digital only release. I also use bandcamp but you can't compare beatport's electronic music selection to bandcamp's. Bandcamp is alright for finding new electronic artists but most successful artists do not use it. I wish more successful artists would use...
Whether or not someone likes or dislikes a song is their subjective opinion. Nightfall and Animals are two completely different songs. Animals is a 128bpm Big Room Electro House track, and Nightfall is a 110bpm Glitch hop track. Also why do you think that song is bad? I would recommend watching parts of this video of Martin Garrix recounting how he made Animals. Your sister might think that but I doubt that a song that topped beatport for weeks did so because the artist...
Hahaha, I've had that image as my background ever since that EP was realeased! 
Why would anyone do that? I'm a Monster Gold Member.
I've previously watched a video of that set, and yes I do like Zedd's remix of Breakn' a Sweat.
Varien was responsible for the Skrillex Orchestral Suite arrangement which was a bonus track off of Bangarang. Please cite your source for Varien ever saying that he produced music for Skrillex under a contract while Skrillex took credit for it. I've watched a few of Varien's interviews and he has never once mentioned that. D's usually use headphones that are bass heavy, that way they can beatmatch without having to crank the volume way up. Who knows what headphones...
Maybe that is because you consistently double/triple post, start off topic arguments, and for a while there you were spreading your JVC 55xx propaganda in a good portion of the threads I am subscribed to.Anyways, has anyone else heard the new Duck Sauce album? I am thoroughly enjoying it. I particularly like
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