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Compared to grados, yes they do. I do find that when I am using my M-100 on the go I tend to turn the volume up a bit more and I activate the bass boost on whatever amp I am using. This is particularly the case on road trips, where road noise can drown out the low end.
I'm a little late to reply, the cracks have no effect on sound and they are typically barely visible. I only discovered the crack on my M-100 on close inspection. Mind you that I have had my pair for 2 years and wear them so much that my xl pads are beginning to wear out. Build quality is still phenomenal, and if you treat the M-100 like you would any other headphone you should have no problem.
I think I have to disagree with this, I've taken the utmost care of my M-100 for over two years and yet I still have tiny cracks in the wing plates, around the screws. I've never switched out the shields, and the most stressful thing I have ever done is I switched earpads. Whereas my girlfriend's crossfade LP,which she has had for the same amount of time, has multiple cracks around the wing plates, and a large crack on the right earcup above the shields. She does not seem...
Yeah I've loved their sound for years now, and will buy another pair (With the guaranteed 50% off from life time warranty) if I have to. I would just prefer not to lol.
The right driver on my M-100 went out last Wednesday, and the package I sent to them for warranty just arrived today. I originally purchased my M-100 on 1/13/2013 so I am just barely over the two year warranty, but I'm hoping that maybe they will go over and beyond with their so called 6 star service. Really hoping that I do not have to repurchase my M-100.
Thank you for your help!  
Guys I have a quick question, if I use an ODAC to O2 combo on my pc for gaming, can I still use the stock microphone input on my motherboard? I have been using my M-100 boom Mic combo straight from my soundcard and I am ready to upgrade to an external sound solution.
Yeah, Hero by the Pegboard Nerds is mental, and I don't typically enjoy hard style. And TeskR have you listened to Haywyre's debut album? I thoroughly enjoyed it as a whole, but particularly like the track Voice of Reason off of it.
You do realize hip hop is electronic music right? Modern hip hop production uses samplers, sequencers, drum machines, synthesizers, turntables, as well as live instrumentation. Electronic music is often associated with drugs too, it is not just hip hop. Just because someone likes a song that is a bit old or overplayed doesn't mean you are better than them because you exclusively listen to artists that have under 10k followers on soundcloud.
Why can't you like both popular artists and obscure artists? Lots of people do, including myself. Seriously dude, just go to and discover it for yourself. They have everything. Animals is an electro house song. When you say house music I assume you mean house music, such as this or this, not electro. If she likes animals she would probably like most of the other songs spinnin' records releases.
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