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Would a magni 2 uber synergize well with the HE 400S?
Hello everyone, how hard are the HE 400S to drive? I currently use a JDS C5 amp to power my headphones (M-100), would I need to upgrade to something else to fully appreciate the HE 400S? 
Thank you guys for the recommendations! I was very interested in the titan at first, but because of its design I am afraid it will not isolate well enough. I had previously considered the RE-400, but as JoeDoe said every review I read states that the bass is well extended, but lacks impact. I was considering the SE 215 previously, but read that they were overrated, and that because of their single driver design, can be a bit slow especially with electronic music. I'll...
I had decided on purchasing the DN-1000s but being a college student I cannot really justify spending that much on IEMs right now. Are there any good alternatives for sub $100? I listen to primarily electronic music, but also listen to pretty much every other genre as well. I will listen primarily through my HTC One M8, or my iPod classic's headphone out, maybe occasionally through my JDS Labs C5. I require good isolation and low microphonics for these are for walking...
I've been researching the DN 1000 and seems to be the right choice for me. Does anyone here have any first hand experience with them?
My budget is around $150ish. Ill check out the DN-1000.
That is frustrating lol. I have been looking at the EPH-100, do you have any opinions on it?
From what  I have read, isolation on the Titan 1 is not the best, and because I plan to use these on the go I would really like to have above average isolation. The only thing I do no like about the  ATH-CKX9iS is the inline mic, is there a model that does not include the mic?
I was leaning towards the se215 how do the Ckx9is compare? Also those are half my budget, is there really nothing better? I'll go read some reviews in a bit, thanks for the suggestion!
I'm looking for an iem I can wear around campus and on road trips.I listen to primarily electronic music and prefer a v shaped sound signature similar to that of my V-MODA M-100. I will drive them with either my jds labs c5 or straight out of my HTC one M8. thank you for any and all help!
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