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Also that laptop you mentioned has a sound card basically.
The main reason I got it, is that I'd rather plug my headphones into a DAC that sits to my left, than either have a silly extension cord dangling by my screen, move my computer upwards, or deal with having my headphone cord having no slack.Also gives me a nice dial to turn. Also it could even improve the sound! You never know.
Not really looking for an externally powered USB hub at this moment.
Alright, that seems like a good plan. I've purchased it.Audio setup is mostly for music. Like 90% I'd say.Also read a bit about impedance and headphones, interesting stuff.
What I have is the following: * Moshi Clarus headphones * A computer with a Intel DH77DF motherboard that is running windows. * No soundcard of any sort. * No amp of any sort. I know I'm looking for a desktop amp right now, but I'm not sure what the different types are. I didn't see any sort of guide stickied so I'm not sure where to start. You should be able to extrapolate my budget from the sort of headphones I have (they were $200). On the basis of that what sort of...
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