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Getting mine today. I purchased some Brainwavz velour replacement pads because I don't like the feel of the pleather. What are the dimensions of the foam pieces youre using? I'm expecting the velour pads to lose some seal and the foam inserts might improve that. JJ
What's the latest thinking on this topic. I'm looking for an upgrade to my Creative Aurvana Live! I'm looking for a clean analytic sound sig but closed backs so they don't leak. Anyone? JJ
What kind of sound signature do these have? Are they v-shaped or more neutral? For "bass heads"?
Great price. They look very comfortable.
Thanks! Really good info. I'm worried that if I think the T51i headphone are too heavy what will I think of the M2's? I like sound of the T51 but the frame feels heavy to me. Are the M2 on ear any better? So confused...
How is the on-ear M2 compared to the over-ear M2, anyone?
Not to be contrary, but I'm finding the T51i's to be a little heavy and the "pleather" pads heat up my ears.  That said, the SQ is fantastic!  I don't have any "high dollar" cans and the T51i's are the best I've ever heard.  (My former fave was Sennheiser PX200-II.)   JJ 
Okay, so my first impression is that the pads are a little hot.  Did anyone else have this issue?
My T51i's arrive today! JJ
So, is it worth it to line out form the Lightning port to a portable DAC/amp?  I'm getting a pair of beyerdynamic T51i and the iPhone 6+ is my primary source.   JJ
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