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Speaker questions might be a little off topic in a headphone forum. But personally I use Yamaha book shelf speakers with a little Lepai amp when I'm not listening to the HP50's. JJ
I know that the HP50's don't need an amp but does anyone have experience with using them with one? I got an Audioquest Dragonfly Black for Christmas and I'm wondering what I can expect in sound quality. Jumper
I have had my HP50's for about six months now but I have not noticed any creaking noises. It could the fit. I notice that I have to fiddle a little to get the earpads in a good position. This is a problem I have with many over ear phones that have smallish pads. I tried Brainwavz pads as a mod, but they reduced the seal. I did find them more comfortable, though. Graphite powder might help at the hinges but you have to be careful not to get too much (obviously!) Good...
Anyone try the Brainwavz velour pads? JJ
Brainwav did fit. More comfort but the sound is not as rich. Thanks for the post.
I tried the Brainwavz velour pads. They are a little more comfortable, but the sound seems better to me with the stock pads. Still searching for a quality cable (TRRS to TRS).
Getting mine today. I purchased some Brainwavz velour replacement pads because I don't like the feel of the pleather. What are the dimensions of the foam pieces youre using? I'm expecting the velour pads to lose some seal and the foam inserts might improve that. JJ
What's the latest thinking on this topic. I'm looking for an upgrade to my Creative Aurvana Live! I'm looking for a clean analytic sound sig but closed backs so they don't leak. Anyone? JJ
What kind of sound signature do these have? Are they v-shaped or more neutral? For "bass heads"?
Great price. They look very comfortable.
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