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Can the PX 200 II EarPods be replaced with velour or other soft cloth in place of the "plether" pads? I have the 200's on order and I have the 100's now. I will post something when I can compare them. JJ
CAL 1 vs. AKG K 240 vs. Sony V6? Reference music is "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd... I have the Creative Aurvana Live! now but I'm thinking of trading to the AKG K 240. I've heard that the semi-open design gives a larger soundstage. The V6's also come highly recommended. What do you think? JJ
Sony MDR V6 vs ATH M50 vs AKG K 240?
  Well, I ordered them while the sale was on.  I've been wanting to experience them anyway. This will be IEM number five that I've purchased since joining Head-Fi.  Still haven't found a favorite but they have all been under $100 and they each have their pluses and minuses.   JJ
  Ordered a pair for $65. I've been wanting to try these for a while and this price is better than Amazon or the MEE web site ($99).   JJ
What about sound stage for the A161p?   JJ
Is WOOT safe? I heard bad things about groupon so I'm a little hesitant. Too good to be true usually is.
MEE A161p vs Shure SE215 vs B2 anyone? Woot has 161p for $65.i have the Shures but I find them to be a little muddy and not too comfortable (yes, joker, you told me to beware!). Now I'm thinking about adding the A161's to my little collection. Now that i have more experience with IEMs i think i want a more analytic sound. Advice? JJ
I haven't been able to find the B2's anywhere. Are they still in production?   JJ
Groupon Goods has MEElectronics M6 for $12 US, free shipping... JJ
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