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  Well, I ordered them while the sale was on.  I've been wanting to experience them anyway. This will be IEM number five that I've purchased since joining Head-Fi.  Still haven't found a favorite but they have all been under $100 and they each have their pluses and minuses.   JJ
  Ordered a pair for $65. I've been wanting to try these for a while and this price is better than Amazon or the MEE web site ($99).   JJ
What about sound stage for the A161p?   JJ
Is WOOT safe? I heard bad things about groupon so I'm a little hesitant. Too good to be true usually is.
MEE A161p vs Shure SE215 vs B2 anyone? Woot has 161p for $65.i have the Shures but I find them to be a little muddy and not too comfortable (yes, joker, you told me to beware!). Now I'm thinking about adding the A161's to my little collection. Now that i have more experience with IEMs i think i want a more analytic sound. Advice? JJ
I haven't been able to find the B2's anywhere. Are they still in production?   JJ
Groupon Goods has MEElectronics M6 for $12 US, free shipping... JJ
Check out the reviews for the MEElectronics CW31.  They are comfortable and have a great sound.  They were $25 on Amazon last I checked...   JJ
I've been using the MEElec CW31 for a couple of weeks now.  They are becoming my favorite earphones.  They have a larger soundstage than my SE215's and good bass.  They're also comfortable and well built (I stepped on mine by accident and they survived!)   JJ
You might want to check out the MEElectronics CW31.  I just got mine for $25 from Amazon.  Very comfortable, good soundstage for the price.  I use them at work and home for classical and jazz.   JJ
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