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Hey guys,     I'm selling my lovely HD 800 S, the best headphones I've ever owned or had pleasure to hear. Reason is I need funds for other hobby (VR), so I'm letting them go for now, hopefully not for too long :) These are like new, in perfect condition. Never left one room. Warranty is till 15.5.2018 in Germany. Happy to answer any questions you might have. Thanks, Flisker o/
Hey guys,     I've finally bought end game CCa's for my WA2 so I'm selling these amazing tubes. They do sound very similar to the CCa's. I've used them with Lyr 2 and tested in WA2, works fantastic in both of them. This can absolutely be end game tube for many audiophiles. No other tube I've heard except the CCa's has such an incredible resolution and detail.   I've got these on eBay auction as matched NOS for 214$ and used them for about 2 months (about 2 hours a day...
 Ok, thanks. I will focus on power tubes than 
 I've had Lyr & Lyr 2 for a long time and what I can say is that WA2 is different universe, it's so much better than Lyr 2 for HD650 & HD800 S. It's a massive upgrade to my ears. But Lyr 2 is also amazing amp, no doubt about it !
 Hey ru4music,   I got Tesla EZ81's , do you think there are some other worth looking into ? Do the rectifier tubes make a noticeable difference ?
 Thanks a lot for fast reply, info and links  Sent mail about the price on valvetubes.com.I have WA2 on the way, so I'll first have some time with it and than maybe go for these  
 Hey Franatic, Mullard ECC32, are u talking about these babies : http://www.ebay.com/itm/mullard-CV181-ecc32-very-slightly-used-ONE-PAIR-/322104824935?hash=item4afef19467:g:naMAAOSwy5ZXCzl~ ?Also what adapter would I need to use these in WA2 ? Is it this one : http://www.ebay.com/itm/1pcs-6SN7-Replace-12AU7-Tube-Amplifier-Socket-Adapter-12-6V-Suzier-A4-/281951474478?hash=item41a59e132e:g:2hoAAOSwWBJXBGVs ?
 Ah I see, but does it also apply to HD800S ? I would expect that they might also go well with different amps because of changed sound signature.
Could any of you more experience head-fiers recommend me some Amp/DAC upgrade for HD800S from Bifrost Multibit + Lyr 2 ? I was thinking about giving a try to Woo Audio WA2, would it be good choice ?     Thanks    ps : Anyone knows how long such an amp lasts ? 2-5-10 years ? (WA2)
 I would add that there is huge difference, at least to my ears, in bass. I don't mean quantity, but whole presentation is very diffrent. HD800S has precise, well defined bass, while LCD 3 has more of a liquid, less defined bass. Again, both are very enjoyable, but sound vastly different. It's most noticeable difference to me.
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