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Hello guys,   I would like to ask how do you clean your LCD2's ? Is it possible to do without taking pads off (which seems like horror story) ? Any recommendations would be awesome.   Thanks a lot.
 Thanks, actually I would like to thank all of you guys you helped me a lot with my decision ;) And right you are about K712's ;)  I believe they're great complementary to LCD2's , bigger soundstage, more treble, but still very enjoyable for me ;) And oh boy they they sound so much better with these tubes :)  Have same feelings about them as you do. Will check out the link.
Just wanted to do small update,   as far as my tubes goes, I guess I won't even try anything else.   Yesterday I rolled in NOS E188CC CV5354 7308 Siemens Halske 1960´s gold pins  , let them in "burning" for about 2 hours. I know I'am supposed to wait for 20 - 100h before doing "critical" listening, but I did it right away :D (So maybe it will get even better in future)   I just laid down on bed, turned lights off and listened for about 5-6 hours with small breaks. I...
 Oh :( It's not like that from us. We're on same boat as you.  Btw, it's christmas here :) Tubes arrived finally.  PCC88 Tungsram (7DJ8, ~ECC88)   NOS 6N23P (E88CC 6DJ8) Voskhod "rocket"  NOS E188CC CV5354 7308 Siemens Halske 1960´s gold...
 +1, exactly my point of view, I just wouldn't be able to write it down as well as Thurston did :)
 I also think that if there is difference it probably won't even be worth trying to do super critical listening and obsessing about it. Your welcome about the link, was really nice read for me too ;)  It does make sense, maybe I'll give Gustard a shot someday in future ;)  edit: checking it right know and I'am not sure how does it even work :(
 Ah I see, but I don't feel like paying extra 150$ for USB when SPDIF works great for me. Would there even be notable difference ? Who knows. Btw nice read :
 Ye, I think Jason also stated that their preference is Coax>SPDIF>USB, unfortunatelly I don't have Coax on Rampage IV Extreme motherboard.
 They're gone already :D missed my chance :) It was local guy.
 I have the "first gen" USB in Bifrost and I noticed some noises sometimes which shouldn't be there, when I switched to S/PIDF everything worked fine and had no issues since. Jason : "USB vs. SPDIF. I think we've said what we need to say on our site. Our implementation of USB is one of the best, and we've heard all of them (that we can separate from the DAC, that is.) And, in our opinion, they're not up to the level of...
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