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 I have my own office so it's fine ;)
Btw, do you guys use HD700 as "portables" or home only ?   I take them with me to work when I have some boring stuff to do :) (in my modded Shure bag)   Most of ppl who catch me while listening are like "Hey! you are gonna get deaf!" (Not too many ppl is familiar with concept of open-headphones :D)          
 Not for HD700 imo, it's bright combo.   As for amp FiiO E12 works great for me.
What I'am saying is .. if you got headphones you really like than don't sell/return them to try other ones (completely different in this case). Because you might end up unhappy. If you are like .. hmm HD650 is fine but it's too dark and slow, I want step up and something fast and exiting than sure give HD700 chance ;)
 These two are completely different headphones both of them are my favorites. Depends on what kind of sound you like.  I think both are awesome headphones. Oh and as for returning HD650... don't do that if you like them. HD700 and HD650 it's day and night difference in sound signature. HD700 isn't bit more airy version of HD650.
 HD700 with E12 and Accudio is Portable Bomb. Maybe it's just me, but with E12 and Accudio Ref.Mode set to 2/2/0/0 or 2/1/0/0 I feel like I got 5000$ cans or something + it's portable, it just sounds ridiculously good to me and all friends of mine who got chance listen to it.
Just saying ... it's matter of perspective .. imo HD700 sounds better than T1's.
Interesting read, those last posts.   From my point of view HD700 is awesome and I'am definitely not letting them go. As for treble issue, YES... it is there and you will notice it a lot on some recordings if you like to listen loud as I do.   I liked HD700 few weeks, but when I heard them thru Accudio eq, that was the time when I fall in love with them :) Everything sounds "even" (I can focus on bass guitar or cymbals or vocals whatever I want and non of them is...
Anybody knows how to "open/decrypt" linked xml files ? - There should be accudio eq filters, but I have no idea how to read it.   Got quite a problem now ... I like their eq for HD700 so much that I listen to music only thru my iPhone now, so I have to download all stuff to the phone etc. it's pretty annoying when I'am at home.
I was thinking today... anybody knows what's the average lifetime of these headphones ? :)
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