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 Schiit Lyr 2 with nice detailed tubes is pretty good pick in my experience  
 Hey Will,   great post !I would like to add my experience. I believe that HD800S is so wastly different from Audeze LCD-3F or X that it can't even be compared. For me LCD-3F is like a blunt hammer, blaster gun or tank ... depending on what metaphor suits you best  while HD800S sounds like scalpel, sniper rifle, supersport car. There certainly are music genres where one will provide more enjoyable experience to the other. Personally I feel like I'll stick with HD800S and...
 How does one adjust headband tighter ? Do I just try to bend the headband ?
 Or go straight to HD800 S, these are ridiculously good 
Hey guys,     selling my AUDEZE LCD-3F in perfect condition, these got more than 2 years of warranty left (ends on 6/3/18).   If you are interested let me know and I'll calculate accurate shipping. Thanks for looking.  
 Haha, actually I'm seriously thinking about it I don't want to make rash decision, so I'll keep LCD-3F for at least month or so, but if it's going to continue same way as past month did than I'll probably sell them and go for some higher end balanced setup for 650's Didn't hear DT150 yet, will read up on them, thanks for tip ;)
 Sure, I agree that not everyone will be so into them, but all my friends who had a listen, looked like they were tripping. So I would believe that the amp/dac combination plays huge role with these.I remember hearing them for a first time about 4 years ago and thinking it's trash, than I got better amp/dac and was quite surprised how they changed, but still sold them few months later.Now I don't think I'll ever sell them.
 I'm believer now, that most of the people who feel like HD650 is slow, boring or veiled, just don't have right setup for it to shine.It's absolutely incredible on Bimby & Lyr 2, I prefer it over everything I've heard so far, including LCD-3F, X, HE-500 & T1.They are just so much fun to listen to and extremely versatile, kind of everything sounds great on HD650. I really like 3F, but when I switch to HD650 I'm thinking "WOW, I can't believe it, but this si more enjoyable!...
 Don't have experience with Valhalla 2, but Lyr 2 responds pretty good to tube rolling and works very well with lot of headphones. It's incredible pairing with HD650 ! 
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