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Great Shape. Phones include their box, papers, plug, and price includes shipping to USA.  Non smoking home. 
Got these from another headfier a couple of years ago. Used pretty sparingly. Includes original box, case, papers, and whatnot. They work perfectly, always been stored properly, and from a nonsmoking home.    Shipping included. 
Here's a pair of AT M50 headphones I purchased a while back. I'm the only owner and I'm not a smoker. They've gone unused for a while and have sat in their box in a closet. One thing I did was change the pads from the fake leather to Beyer dt250 velour pads. The fit is a good one. Some people think the sound is improved with the velour pads while others feel it's not. If you don't like the sound, you can always get a pair of AT M50 pads to put back on the m50s.    My...
I'm not sure if there will be any interest in this or not. This is an Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone. Gently used. Includes stand, original box and paperwork, and USB cord.   $45 shipped anywhere in the USA.   Accept Paypal or money order
This sale is for an Asgard 1 in great condition. I just had Schiit fix the LED and everything now works great. $155 includes the Schiit Asgard 1, power cable, paper work, rubber feet (not installed -- Schiit gave me some more), original box, paypal fees, and priority shipping to anywhere in the USA.   I accept paypal or money order.
Purchased this new roughly one year ago. It has been sitting in its box for the last few months. Includes original box, paperwork, and rubber feet. Price includes shipping anywhere in USA.   I accept paypal but give preference to a money order sent through the USPS.
This is Asgard 1.   Purchased in 2012. Great condition. It includes power cable, original box, instructions, and rubber feet (which I took off and placed in a baggie). Price includes all fees and includes shipping.   I accept paypal and money order. I prefer money order and will negotiate a better price if you choose to go that route.   Edit: I noticed the power LED does not seem to be working. The amp itself still plays flawlessly. I had this sitting in its...
Well of course the Stanford game was no surprise as I foretold it in post #32. Don't look too hard at that post, though, because I also picked Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Tennessee is forgivable and the Arkansas pick was bad, but who'd have ever imagined Texas would score so many points? And against a mighty S-E-C team?   I see where ESPN College gameday is headed to the FSU/Clemson game. Gosh, those two teams always seem overrated. Should have come to Norman:...
Chucks! I was way off with Alabama/Arkansas. I thought maybe Wilson would play seeing as how this is SEC ball and all, but it's obviously the right choice for him to sit. Alabama would kill him and the kid probably has a career in the NFL about which to think.   Va Tech with the annual bad loss. Now you figure the Hokies win out.   Cal and ULM with tough losses. I'm hoping we get some good games tonight.
We'll see on Stanford/USC. They have to lose somewhere, right? How else will the SEC get its teams into the MNC game?   Kansas State is #15/#14 in updated polls. Miami is not good this year, but they still have athletes all over the field. Dismantling them the way K-State did is extremely impressive. Moreover, K-State didn't really do anything to become a worse team from last year. The Wildcats come to Norman in two weeks. I'm expecting a great game.
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