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I felt like the soundstage on the Momentum was closed in and congested compared to the 1R. The Momentums were comfortable to me but the 1R was even more comfortable. The Momentum did sound more detailed. If you are interested in soundstage the akg k545 might be a good option for you. The k545 is pretty much a compact version of the k550, but with several improvements. They are supposed to have an even bigger soundstage than the 1R while also having tighter bass and...
Lukalop, you should check this thread out. http://www.head-fi.org/a/describing-sound-a-glossary It explains most of the audiophile terminology that you will hear in reviews. And hip hop generally sounds better on headphones with more bass, so the k545 will probably be a better choice for you over the k550. As I haven't listened to both headphones yet I cant comment being able to hear footsteps. However both headphones should be very adequate for this purpose. You will have...
I'll have to visit best buy then! Thanks for the heads up!
I think that the mdr 7520 is a little bit out of my price range. I would have to sell my 1r used. I really interested in the k545 because I can get it for 200 and I can probably get at least 170 out of my 1r. And it isn't just the bass that bothers me, I really want a bigger soundstage. I am going to be using these headphones for a long time and want the best quality possible for my money. I don't plan on buying anymore headphones for a few years after this. I'll probably...
Thanks for the reply! Does the k545 have more/less treble than the 1r? And which one is more detailed in the treble?
I recently bought the 1r but the but the bass just feels too loose. I had considered getting the k550 before, but had decided against it because of the treble problem and the long non-detachable cord. Now that I saw the k545 i am having second thoughts. Is the bass on the k545 a lot tighter than the 1r? And is the k550 treble problem completely gone?
Mine had the rattle right out of the box and I got them about a month ago. I am sure that it will be taken care of on the mdr 1rmk2. Speaking of which, is that out yet?
Hey you guys, I figured out a new solution to the jack rattle problem. This solution doesn't leave something weird on the end of your cord or fall off from disconnecting the cable. It is not visible when the cable is plugged in. I now have zero rattle coming from the jack! If you look at the female part of the jack you will see a small gap in between the gold and the silver part of the jack. The noise is cause when the gold part gets loose and hits the silver part. All...
My Sony 1r arrived today! I am super happy with them! The sound really good, most noticeably much better bass impact and depth than my grados. They also sound more detailed. My Grados still sound slightly more natural but it isn't a super big deal. The 1r is a closed phone after all. I am very content with my purchase! Thanks you guys for helping me decide!
Has anyone had a listen to any of Grain Audio's products yet? I very curious about all of them.
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