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I would much prefer the end-table set up as my desk chair isn't all that comfy and with my computer there I'm always distracted by things, like this site. All my music is on my computer and my DAC is USB, so I need to be near the computer. I'd love to get a recliner near the computer. My non-computer set-ups are my Ipod + Fiio E11 and my A/V System.
Pillows are going to be your best, cheap, quick option I can think of. Having the speakers on the floor pointing down should do a lot already . . . actually, you could just do the subwoofer as that's what's going to get through the most. Have you thought about taking up jump-roping as a hobby?
Thanks for enlightening us. That darn french, taking what should be a four letter word and making it eight.
I had never thought of that . . . of course then all "my" stuff would be pink . . .
Buko means a lot, although I only know of it's use when combined with "bucks". It would be great for the consumer if all these companies published their findings, but I don't judge them for not doing so. The competition in the HP world is heating up and companies are all trying to get an edge. Philips decided to invest a lot of money in R+D to get that edge. If they give up that information, they give up their edge, unless they want to give it away for the publicity. One...
Oh I thought I'd start her off with something simple, like the Woo Monoblocks. That should satisfy her for a year
You assume I would actually buy her an amp, which I would not. She doesn't have any understanding of what it does, she just sees that daddy has one and therefore it must be a good thing. She prefers to listen to her $10 headphones over my HE-500s becuase her HPs are pink. I don't make nearly enough to spoil a child. I only posted becuase I found the comment cute, and, as I said, this is the only place anyone would understand.
So, my 3 year old daughter, after listening to headphones with daddy, said she wants a headphone amp for her birthday :) This is the only place in the world that would appreciate such a statement
OK, so I did some more testing between the O2 and the Lepai and this time I used an SPL Meter to level match the two amps to within .1db (actually took a lot of fiddling to get the volume exact). Still not a double blind test, but in this case the O2 won hands down. With the amps level matched I didn't notice any increase in bass with the lepai, but there was a slight decrease in the treble, especially when it came to clarity. Now, I'm not calling the Lepai muddy at all,...
You apparently make more money than I do :)I like seeing the evolution.
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