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+1   Valhalla will do the job!
IMO get the hd650, they are great and can get a very descent job with any amp out there!  
Ben, How´re you doing? Well after a time rolling and testing these tubes with my k702 and hd650, I found that the bunch ones were very nice, they seem to be better built, have a better quality and the sound is very balanced... Very nice set of tubes you found, they are a very nice option and well I also have tested the valhalla with a pair of telefunkens, amperex and teslas... and I found amperex really suited for the k702 but deep bassy for the hd 650... And the best...
how did you go with your bottlehead project? As I´m a banker and have never did any soldering, I have decedided to take a saturday analog electronics course,I have always been an electronics addict and I´m plannig to take a bigger step in the subject  LOL. ... and after that will start to plan some DIY projects.   What other DIY amps, dac, etc... products are available? do you know other companies that offer DIY products?   Thanks!
Well finally I got my black friday HD 650 deal.... I spent all weekend pairing them with my Valhalla. And here are my results:   After 20 burn in hours the cans started to sound fine, and Valhalla was really powerfull and gave me a very warm and rounded sound.     I used amperex orange globe, telefunken´s and Teslta´s tubes.... I found Teslas tubes the best pair for the hd650. And here is where I´m so thankful with my Valhalla, because gives the chance to roll...
Hi there,   Well finally I got my HD 650, I bought them from Senheiser online store last black friday. I´m pairing them with my Schiit Valhalla and cambridge audio magicdac 100. And after 20 burn in hours I am begining to hear that sound everybody seems to love.   I try them using amperex, tesla and telefunken tubes, I have to say that Tesla tubes do a great job with these cans, but telefunken´s are both great... Amperex seems to be my favorites paired with my...
DIY amp!!!! wow I guess I would get crazy If I do it myself.... Do you have experience with similar hardware?¡?
Nice, that´s what I wanted to know... I have rolled tubes with some russians from the 60's, telefunken and amperex (orange globes). And I can say that Amperex are the best. I ordered my Hd650 this black friday and I cann´t wait to start testing them with all my tubes on the valhalla!!!   I also ordered a pair of Siemens and Testla, but they will arrive in mid december, I´ll have to spend a lot of time rolling and blind testing.. That´s what I like from Valhalla!
which amp did you get?
anyone has this setup?   HD-650-Valhalla?   I´m using a cambridge audio DacMagic 100
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