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Amazon Dot has bluetooth, so what about this option for connecting to a DAC?     Amazon Dot -> Bluetooth Streamer w/ Digital Out -> DAC     Products like:   Audioengine B1       In another post I asked about Bluetooth Streamers w/ Digital Out.       Your thoughts?
I have been searching for a Bluetooth streaming device with digital out so I can run it into my own DAC, rather than relying on the Bluetooth streaming DAC.   After a search, there are not many options out there.    --------------------------- I did find this one:   $45 = NobSound: HiFi Lossless Bluetooth Audio Receiver Optical Fiber Coaxial Out for Digital Amp   I noticed it is Bluetooth 3 (not 4) and  does not support APTX...
Little-Dot MKIII currently on MassDrop for $219.   2 Days left - as of 11/22/2016     I just put my order in. Excited to try this out and for almost $100 off - a good deal.
Question and thoughts:     If you need a DAC + AMP and interested in the NOS.   Options:   NOS 11 = $2000  (4x  PCM1704UK Chips) DAC and Balanced AMP   NOS 19 + NFB-1AMP = $1400 (1x PCM1704UK Chip) DAC and Balanced AMP       Wondering what the thoughts are on going with either option?   Any other suggestion?   Do you think there is a big difference between a 4x chips vs. 1x chip?
jajajaja   So there is a reason they call this amp NOBsound - I guess I am the NOB?!?!?!     I was told these tubes:   E180F, EF861, 6688, 12AX7
I just ordered one of these little amps for my HE-400s to hook up to my computer at work.   This will be my first TUBE amp and I also ordered a set of these tubes, any thoughts?   Electro-Harmonix 12AX7EH Preamp Vacuum Tube     Of course I am a newbie - so I welcome suggestions.
Thanks very much for the break down. I will look closely at those photos and welcome hack ideas for digital out.   I just bought a Google Dot (2nd gen) and waiting for it.
Google Home - I looked at it and it has NO digital out that I could see, let alone even audio out. Am I wrong? Maybe I am missing something.
I too am interested.  I ordered one to play with it.   I think my only disappointment is there is NO digital out to run to my DAC.   So far I have found NOTHING to replace my Logitech Squeeze Box Touch.    Perhaps someone can HACK the Echo Dot to create a DIGITAL OUT.
 Thanks for the reply. I was curious how the 4x vs. 8x PCM1704UK configuration differed. It would seem that 8 is better than 4, but is it noticeablly different? I do not have an extensive library of music and I was thinking of a portable solution, so that I can take it with me when I travel (like a Fiio). I would say my music listening jumps between my loss-less digital collection and Spotify about equally. Spotify, mainly as I don't have any other source when I travel....
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