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How much of a difference does replacing the tubes actually make?   My Yaqin, for instance, was about $950 altogether. How surprised was I when I found a pair of 300B tubes that cost $900. Almost more than the amp itself, like you said. It doesn't add up. Just like I said in another thread, there's a replacement cable specifically made for the HD800 that costs more the freaking headphones themselves. While I don't doubt there might be marginal, if not pleasantly...
The Telefunken what? Anyway, I paired the HD800 with a YAQIN MS-300C integrated tube amp. More of a stopgap choice until I can afford a higher end amplifier, but for a Chinese amp at a little under a grand, I'm really happy with it. The only thing I hate is that it's noisy. Lots of hum. The reason I didn't pull the trigger on the Luxman is because of the iPod dock the amp includes. I researched the price of the stand-alone unit, and it's about $500. Since I don't own and...
Thanks, that link was helpful. That's about $240, which certainly doesn't seem cheap to me.   Ostensibly, many have complained that the sound attained via the stock cable is too bright. I use the 800's through an SET amp, so "too bright" is right out, anyway. I love the sound. This pipe dream is over.
Whoa, never mind. I just found listings for HD 800 upgrade cables, and the prices are absurd. Some of these cost more than the frickin' headphones did. Thanks anyway, y'all, but... no way. I'm riding the factory cable til it dies in a mildly exaggerated blaze of glory.
Huh! I noticed how pretentious the writing was on the site (they put career sommeliers to shame), but I hadn't suspected tactics so shady and manipulative. Now that you've mentioned it, the suggestion that the factory cable is junk does seem rather... dubious?
Yeah, the stock cable feels good to me. The part antecedent the jack is reinforced with kevlar. According to Sennheiser, at least; they seemed pretty proud of it. Heh.   Say I did want to get a cable. What kind of search words should I use on websites? Is there a name for these kind of cables? Any brands I should know of that are reputable?   Also... what's the approximate value of the stock cable? I'd hate to unknowingly, y'know, downgrade.
You know what, I've changed my mind. I don't care that it's been over a month, I've come back around to loving Illmatic all over again. It's a perfect album. Reasonable Doubt may have higher high points, but the low points are... wait, Illmatic has no low points. Illmatic wins. It's my third favorite hip hop album of all time behind Ultramagnetic MC's Critical Beatdown and Black Moon's Enta Da Stage. That said, I still don't think a remaster is...
I have been nothing but thrilled with the sound from my HD 800's, but I recently came across a Six Moons review that flat-out ridicules the stock cable. Quoth the reviewer: "Stock cables aren't up to par. They must be replaced or any true discussion on performance is invalid."   Really?! Were these headphones actually *held back* this whole time? That's a frightening thought.   Is there any truth to this? To be honest, I've ran some searches, and I'm not even...
@Bunchies I've heard of Star Ocean 2. Never played it. Two quick questions: Is it turned based? Is the story connected to the first one in a manner where starting at the sequel won't be comprehensive/enjoyable?
Modern - Metal Gear Solid 4   Throwback - Castlevania 1 through SotN
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