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PM sent re: the K550s.  :-)
This thread was the sole reason I just bought a T1.  Excellent purchase, I love the sound, a definite upgrade over my old uDac.   I swapped out the "upgraded stock" EH 6922 for a JJ E88CC.  I like the sound of the tube better, but I'm not sure what to listen to for a definitive difference.  Is there a specific instrument between these tubes that I can a/b test to hear a difference, like a cymbal decay or guitar harmonics?   Also, I am curious about how this unit works...
PM Sent.  What does the large / small / dimpled getter mean?
PM sent.
I love "Dungeon Defenders" on XBL. Great fun loot grabbing, first-persion-tower-defense, hack 'n slash.
Alright, you talked me into it.
Much apologies. I'll head over there.
I wouldn't say excessive is just a little more front and center due to the recessed mids. To my ears, AKG gets that right.
Any experience on this thread with wood-modding the 325i's?
I wouldn't consider the DT990 shrill, the biggest difference I hear between them and the Grado sound is the DT990 slightly recessed mids and smaller soundstage. I'll reply again to this thread when my 325's arrive.
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