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This thread was the sole reason I just bought a T1.  Excellent purchase, I love the sound, a definite upgrade over my old uDac.   I swapped out the "upgraded stock" EH 6922 for a JJ E88CC.  I like the sound of the tube better, but I'm not sure what to listen to for a definitive difference.  Is there a specific instrument between these tubes that I can a/b test to hear a difference, like a cymbal decay or guitar harmonics?   Also, I am curious about how this unit works...
PM Sent.  What does the large / small / dimpled getter mean?
PM sent.
I love "Dungeon Defenders" on XBL. Great fun loot grabbing, first-persion-tower-defense, hack 'n slash.
Alright, you talked me into it.
Much apologies. I'll head over there.
I wouldn't say excessive is just a little more front and center due to the recessed mids. To my ears, AKG gets that right.
Any experience on this thread with wood-modding the 325i's?
I wouldn't consider the DT990 shrill, the biggest difference I hear between them and the Grado sound is the DT990 slightly recessed mids and smaller soundstage. I'll reply again to this thread when my 325's arrive.
So, what is the price of getting these reshelled again for your own ear?
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