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Thanks!  Good to know there are more metalheads here.  I agree with your assessment of both the vocals and the bass.  I have been traveling, and hadn't had a chance to mess with equilizing or other manipulations to dial it in.  I think I can make it better.  I hope...
Thanks!  Glad to be here.  It was Pantera on the plane back home today.
So this is my second post here.  2 days after receiving my first pair of decent headphones.  Ever.  This is more of a story.   Yesterday I was on a flight between Ohare and Springfield.  I sat next to a young Marine, who I found out was just coming home from boot.  After we got air born, and got the OK, I put my new Uptowns on, and was listening to some metal.  I didn't think anyone could hear.  Not too long after, we started our approach for the short hop.  I removed...
I knew there was something fishy about Ms. Dixon... I am new this whole scene.  I just ordered a pair of these from OneSaleADay, and they are arriving Wednesday.  I have been trying to learn more about burn in and other headphone issues, and really enjoy your discussion....although I am bit nervous about the whole possible counterfit thing.  Does anyone here listen to metal music?  I would love any input on how these might work..  thanks. 
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