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Yeah the Jaybird BluebudsX are pretty sick. If you want more of an over ear headphone check out the Jabra Sports.
Check out the Jaybird BluebudsX. They're the newest Jabybirds out right now and they look sick.
Yeah they're called Freedom Sprints also you can go by the model JF4MBL. Definitely go with the JF4MBLs they're smaller, sleeker, and an upgrade from the Freedoms (JF3MB). Jaybird is one of the top brands in the Bluetooth headphone market so they're definitely worth the price. If you're interested in other Bluetooth headphone brands is good place to see what's out there. Hope this helps.
There's a large selection out there, I've had some $15 earbuds I bought from Target that sound great and lasted me 3+ years. I've recently purchased some Bluetooth headphones that have completely changed the way I workout. I purchased some Jaybird JF4MBL off for pretty cheap compared to some other sites out there. They have high quality sound, tons of hands-free  features built right into the headset. What I love most is that when I run...
I've been looking to upgrade my current Bluetooth headphones. I currently own a pair of Jaybird JF3MB that I got off of So for I've been impressed with everything from sound quality to how secure they stay in my ears during workouts. The only thing is they're quite bulky where the earbuds are. I've been considering new Jaybird Bluebuds X, but curious to see what others have to say about those as well as other brands.   I'm looking for...
If you're looking for bluetooth ones that stay in ear check out they have a good variety of buds that you might like
or try the motorola headphones heard good things about the s10's    I own the Jaybird JF3MB's they're awesome at the gym... If you're trying to spend the big bucks they the JF4MBL's they also look awesome
check out the jaybirds at also the outdoor tech ones
I've had the jaybird jF3MB for a while and i love them. Use them for exercise and they work perfect. I highly recommend them. check out  
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