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That implies that you're dead 
gurd. your memorization for words is... but you're not the only one.  Date A Live is fun  however the mood/atmosphere changes around ep 6-8. Don't know if this is a spoiler, but it pertains to a certain type of cliche character [[SPOILER]] Banzai <- ye I plan on watching, but I can't tell you what you're asking for same for arata since you're asking for ani-mooooooooooo Devil part timer? You mean Hataraku Maou? I think you'd definitely like this :D   0o0o0o what's your...
Warren, wait. Don't edit. I'm using wink's pic for a month. 
don't worry, I'll be gone for a month in a few weeks. 
frk. meant b rhapsody no 2 by liszt   ik md had mastering issues, but he said and/or good mastering so w/e
I remember. Though I thought he was talking about songs that were lay back. Bah.   Summer Wars was an utter waste of time. 
Oh I see...    I've been fine. I don't know where he's been 
Where hath thou been, warren?
my dearest by supercell sweet arms chaccone moonlight sonata bohemian rhapsody
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