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SD isn't that bad since some players actually do a nice job :)
You can ask the company directly or go to the threads w/ such programs. Can ask Muppet since she does them I think. 
We don't know. Manga hasn't really progressed much. Think we're about to find out though.  Might take another year.
thine eyes do not deceive thee.    Dude. KOTORI GOES HAM TMRW.
sure :)  w/e the colonel used when he was alive. 
I personally don't know about the Tai Chi's specifics and structure, but it could be due to a port (as in the case of the ex1000). Close the port, and it should be fine.    Looked at the dn19 and it seems to have ports. Do you put in your dampers? 
dam wish I could try the original KFC.   Yup. That's what happened. Feeling empty.   Does anyone have anything to watch (yes, I'm talking to you bowei)? I have some on the list, but they don't seem appealing atm. 
time to do a rewatch of black lagoon I guess  new chapters are rather slow
It's fine :D   oh, bdawk has started coming around quite a bit.
it was for bowei's post, sorry :p   [[SPOILER]]
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