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gurd. your memorization for words is... but you're not the only one.  Date A Live is fun  however the mood/atmosphere changes around ep 6-8. Don't know if this is a spoiler, but it pertains to a certain type of cliche character [[SPOILER]] Banzai <- ye I plan on watching, but I can't tell you what you're asking for same for arata since you're asking for ani-mooooooooooo Devil part timer? You mean Hataraku Maou? I think you'd definitely like this :D   0o0o0o what's your...
Warren, wait. Don't edit. I'm using wink's pic for a month. 
don't worry, I'll be gone for a month in a few weeks. 
frk. meant b rhapsody no 2 by liszt   ik md had mastering issues, but he said and/or good mastering so w/e
I remember. Though I thought he was talking about songs that were lay back. Bah.   Summer Wars was an utter waste of time. 
Oh I see...    I've been fine. I don't know where he's been 
Where hath thou been, warren?
my dearest by supercell sweet arms chaccone moonlight sonata bohemian rhapsody
college apps already? well better now than later. 
Looks like summer wars was distributed by WB too?   Still need to watch the RK live action
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