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Haha, boris' happiness is quite something. They apparently don't like the cliche ):
Good ab/thigh/tri/bicep workout right there.
Boris is the man!  
It's ok tom, I feel your pain... I marathon some manga from beginning to end, only to be disappointed sometimes 
poor tom )::0 you know, it'd be so easy [[SPOILER]] But nothing's been happening as you've said :l
What. Finally they're out. At least a lot of them are.
B-but it's s-so LN-esque. 
Feels like concur is overly used now... so I'll just say that I agree  One always does hear and talk about the "evils" of capitalism and the "evils" of communism, but one probably doesn't even look at the statements made by the ones that brought the terms to light. I'll look at Smith next; I just happened to see the Manifesto one day and picked it up. I'd always heard about communism 2nd hand (through lectures and other books) and just wanted to know its roots. The same...
Quote: Originally Posted by EveTan    Blade X Soul anime... why...   just why...   another boring Queen's Blade alternative....   (although I'm sure the game would have better art/story than the anime) Why do your posts always end up like this after I c/p them  I started to gain a force of repulsion after ~2 minutes of watching...   That Communist Manifesto. Quite the good read.
Never mind. It was sent as one stick -_- thought it was a 2x4gb package.
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