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All You Need Is Kill. Major plagiarism from Edge of Tomorrow  Why one does it themselves. Legally ofc 
Oh Black Lagoon. How I've missed you. "The poop may smell like a rose, but in the end it's still just poop. That is what hypocrisy is." Rock on Mista Chang. No pun intended. 
Lucky guess  Maybe waiting for sales of other series for their budget or other problems like cast. So many things get pushed back  
The town of hamburgers 
It's so weird reading Anthem by Ayn Rand after watching Unicorn. Polar opposites of each other 
Pilot's love song movie?!?!?! Well, that works too.    Wait. The last word isn't the same. Nevermind.
@Tom  Bach is the master race.
So I can buy the bray and just watch with the subs. Good enough. Hope the whole set isn't hella expensive The one I watched had chinese subs... I didn't notice them until the end  Well, I did not see that karate coming from 25 miles away. Did well, sunset. 
 unicorn ep 7 is out. Raw though.Hearing is one thing, but experiencing is another. Must go watch  I think the last time I went to the theater was w/ Harry Potter 7 part 2
2nd PV of Fate S/N. All the fancies of modern visual effects with an actual story  now we're talking. 
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