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Is it me not remembering the beginning, or is the anime different from the manga already for Noragami :l
no meng. Just so many reviews saying that they die quick scared me away. Only intel (510/520 and/or the 3xx did well iirc) and samsung were the ones that I saw back then that had decent reviews (people went hardcore bashing on OCZ). But I just got one recently for the new computer (120 gb @ $80ish) And question: what RAM as good for the buck? I've known for the past few years corsair's fine. Just am finding 8gb of ram ~$100 (unless it's gskill @ newegg)
What. I also bought those recently. I don't mind as long as they don't die (like the countless other SSD's from other companies). I haven't even opened it yet ):
Bach from gaining a pound or 2 a day the past week. Time flies when you're having fun It was a good, long week  Constipation is a blessing on 17-hour road trips   unless you use the hotel restrooms  Mm. Dat bromance complex finally is moving somewhere.  Now it's time to catch up on this 
Haha How're you liking that titan fall?
 Man. Shingeki no Kyojin was disgusting. Ok. Rant time. Well for a little bit anyways. [[SPOILER]]   Edit:Hmmm... I think I fit the description. Hypocrisy is king -_-
I see where you got the multiple faces from  Where you been masa' pc?!
I never knew that this game had such wonderful tracks -_- And I've had the game since 2006-ish (last save time was about 2007, think it took me a while to finish that game...)
Looks so surreal  looks like you put that bird in there via editing 
 Anyways, good old shining force :)
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