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kagerou project. O yes. The new shogun anime... it hurts.
 Don't know what's happening... but ^ anyways   Oh spring... how dead leaves are still falling and flying around... Quote:Originally Posted by Exesteils   Chaika best girl. I honestly find her way of speech to be cuter than all the desu/ ancient speech/ etc around these days.oh... hitsugime maybe
Happy birthday panda  I was thinking of someone born/something important on the 8th or the roundabouts for the past few days.... but I couldn't figure it out until now 
pay to win games :p cash grabbers... just farm for hours/days or pay... finally hitsugime is out... 
1st ep of adaptation for Black Bullet was meh. Don't really like the CG implementation.   Feels like some parts were left out, but it's been a while since I've read.   Edit: Just some slight nuances. Otherwise, I guess it did well  more loli for boris.
They're the same up to a point. FMA was when the manga was still being published. FMA:B is when the manga was finished and had the manga completely adapted. So FMA is pretty much one of those anime that is same up to a point, then derails.  Edit: Oh yus. Mangaka-san is out  And you can think of FMA:B as the evangelion remake.
So much for working out...
Well. That was one hellova 1st ep for captain earth  Hope it keeps its momentum like old-school anime w/ out the excess time-fillers and uneeded stuff   Dat animation and story so far.  
Captain Earth gives the RahXephon/xam'd feel  maybe put in Unicorn   maybe even evangelion to an extent... but it's only been 4 minutes.
[[SPOILER]]  I found some similarities...  just some pictures - no spoilers
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