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1st ep of adaptation for Black Bullet was meh. Don't really like the CG implementation.   Feels like some parts were left out, but it's been a while since I've read.   Edit: Just some slight nuances. Otherwise, I guess it did well  more loli for boris.
They're the same up to a point. FMA was when the manga was still being published. FMA:B is when the manga was finished and had the manga completely adapted. So FMA is pretty much one of those anime that is same up to a point, then derails.  Edit: Oh yus. Mangaka-san is out  And you can think of FMA:B as the evangelion remake.
So much for working out...
Well. That was one hellova 1st ep for captain earth  Hope it keeps its momentum like old-school anime w/ out the excess time-fillers and uneeded stuff   Dat animation and story so far.  
Captain Earth gives the RahXephon/xam'd feel  maybe put in Unicorn   maybe even evangelion to an extent... but it's only been 4 minutes.
[[SPOILER]]  I found some similarities...  just some pictures - no spoilers
Haha, boris' happiness is quite something. They apparently don't like the cliche ):
Good ab/thigh/tri/bicep workout right there.
Boris is the man!  
It's ok tom, I feel your pain... I marathon some manga from beginning to end, only to be disappointed sometimes 
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