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^just cause it's done by SHAFT is why D:  didn't really expect it to be done by shaft though.
Oh the shaft necks... never saw that coming for kagepro... Macbeth allusion in captain earth lol.
30 years into the future... I see panda still loving code geass in all its glory.^^^^^  First time eating ice cream in months. Oh the gutness. @Muniarc Remember watching Tales of the Abyss while it was airing. Floated my boat then. But I think it was just another advertisement for the game (kind of like World Destruction iirc while it was airing). Was good enough for me  Tom, go take a look at Hitsugime! Another episode of Capitan Tierra tomorrow. Hope it does justice...
^such superb memory... 
Good question... now that I think about it.... OH. They've yet to adapt Drifters (I think that's the name). Same maker of Hellsing I think (artwork really similar, but I just haven't checked). Also had it at the end of Hellsing Ultimate (when I finally noticed that they were similar).  CGI for Sidonia makes me feel like I'm watching that clay animation w/ the man and his dog. I forgot the name of it though :l
kagerou project. O yes. The new shogun anime... it hurts.
 Don't know what's happening... but ^ anyways   Oh spring... how dead leaves are still falling and flying around... Quote:Originally Posted by Exesteils   Chaika best girl. I honestly find her way of speech to be cuter than all the desu/ ancient speech/ etc around these days.oh... hitsugime maybe
Happy birthday panda  I was thinking of someone born/something important on the 8th or the roundabouts for the past few days.... but I couldn't figure it out until now 
pay to win games :p cash grabbers... just farm for hours/days or pay... finally hitsugime is out... 
1st ep of adaptation for Black Bullet was meh. Don't really like the CG implementation.   Feels like some parts were left out, but it's been a while since I've read.   Edit: Just some slight nuances. Otherwise, I guess it did well  more loli for boris.
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