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Pilot's love song movie?!?!?! Well, that works too.    Wait. The last word isn't the same. Nevermind.
@Tom  Bach is the master race.
So I can buy the bray and just watch with the subs. Good enough. Hope the whole set isn't hella expensive The one I watched had chinese subs... I didn't notice them until the end  Well, I did not see that karate coming from 25 miles away. Did well, sunset. 
 unicorn ep 7 is out. Raw though.Hearing is one thing, but experiencing is another. Must go watch  I think the last time I went to the theater was w/ Harry Potter 7 part 2
2nd PV of Fate S/N. All the fancies of modern visual effects with an actual story  now we're talking. 
Gone for a week-1 1/2 and only 824 posts. Shocker  bah. Won't be needing another 8gb, so might as well save the $65. Is it out soon? The last time I checked, it was supposed to be around this time of year 
16:45 of ep 4 Captain Earth... jessie and james... pokemon is everywhere. 
ohohoho. I think 13 is Tokyo Ghoul and the panda misspelled it.... ASDF IT'S FINALLY HERE. Tokyo ESP is from the mangaka of Ga-Rei (though I don't know the plot and esp never really grabbed me to go and try it). Blade dance is another harem LN  
What. Happy late birthday deadly :D So fun to play with magnets... just wish I could set some up to have some floating ):
the sony's :D
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