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 As far as the manga goes, it's been a good Full Metal Alchemist substitute
Nature is nice. Care for the gangs  or whatever hoodlums there may be.  Weird how Link to the Past was the alternate name to Triforce of the Gods. Too religious I guess. Just like how G Gundam was renamed from God Gundam 
Beware of the language. I just found this yesterday (so slow) and it was pretty awesome  Staring Master Troll 
Found this yesterday and thought of it as nice :D   Akame gets 2 cours :D
Alright. I wonder how the non-edited version is    Ahhh. The space bar is eating characters again  anyways Liszt's list of lax music 
+1Tom, I forgot to mention the other day when you posted those rail wars pics. They were the illustrations for the LN  And yes, big brother is always watching... Was deciding on what to marathon with Blue Gender, Inuyasha, Gundam Wing/X, X, or another old show. But then I remembered that I had yet to watch Initial D.
 I guess that's the world today, if I were to sum it up in 3 sentences.
Thanks, kind sir 
What?   Yeah. Thanks bud.
For a sec, I thought this was the diary thread One of the Tyll pictures for TMCA. I had forgotten about it. Until I opened the box 
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