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I wonder how Akame is going to turn out since the mangaka is putting a lot of his time into the project 
loosing ground?  I beg to differ
Hehe. Mein bad :p kühe müssen fliegen. It's the end of the world. Oh, you've caught up already, young padawan. 
Was in awe when I noticed Deutschland was "Germany" in German.    Mario Kart 8 (>;3;)>
Based sounds more like straight copy and pasting with some changes Doesn't mean it's bad, I just happened to notice that. Was kind of mind blowing. Well, I guess that means both are great  Vaht. The rights were sold to the producers  by  JK Rowling though. As for with All You vs Edge, the author's been long dead, so I'm not sure what happened with the rights.  Edit: Ah, so All You was the original tittle for Edge of Tomorrow. Edge of Tomorrow is also apparently a book from...
All You Need Is Kill. Major plagiarism from Edge of Tomorrow  Why one does it themselves. Legally ofc 
Oh Black Lagoon. How I've missed you. "The poop may smell like a rose, but in the end it's still just poop. That is what hypocrisy is." Rock on Mista Chang. No pun intended. 
Lucky guess  Maybe waiting for sales of other series for their budget or other problems like cast. So many things get pushed back  
The town of hamburgers 
It's so weird reading Anthem by Ayn Rand after watching Unicorn. Polar opposites of each other 
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