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Glad my MOBO can run on 1 stick of RAM... No need for a 2nd stick now 
Ep 3 of Captain Earth reminds me of Star Driver... the song is so similar.
you know it 
 O the loose shows. I miss them too ): Some people are too stronk... still don't understand why people throw, grief, and do the other things that they do. 
It's a Brave New World. Big Brother has been here since 1984 and before  
wait. I was wrong. Tomorrow night ):15 instead of 14... No cursing! FTFY.
Ohohoho. An eclipse tonight :D
You glorious piece of soup. On another note, the TV series release of Break Blade is doing good the first few minutes. The music is justice.
^I'm liking the in G one just cause of the impression it gave me :) I wonder how the side-mecha Fafnir will do. Haha... until it was the only x-rated show of the season... [[SPOILER]]
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