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And then [[SPOILER]]
One of those moments when you watch gundam wing after a few years and notice it's already been remade under the name of 00 
That would be wonderful I didn't notice it until I went to the skype group... but wow with the Gundam UC ending up in aldnoah haha
I see ): Was hoping they'd at least go to the sewers.
1 cour would feel a bit weird if it cuts off where jkrong says he thinks it will. 2 cours would have a bit too much room unless they decide to cut off at the previous arc for the manga. But most of the time when they don't announce, it gets one cour ):
Very nice :)
mmmm I hope it not another Gargantia or one of his works that runs around in circles for a bit :l I just tend to find the works dark but dull (or stagnant). 
haha probablyMmmm. So I guess Aldnoah is following in suite after Gundam. Except this time the guys in space don't like the earthlings ): Wonder how much speed it'll pick up next episode.
I need to post a free gif that I saw the other day  I forgot whether it was Dramatical Murder or Terror that had  [[SPOILER]]
 *inserts hand* haha that part was funny It's ok   Just hope it doesn't have the villain/anti-hero that laughs a lot
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