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16:45 of ep 4 Captain Earth... jessie and james... pokemon is everywhere. 
ohohoho. I think 13 is Tokyo Ghoul and the panda misspelled it.... ASDF IT'S FINALLY HERE. Tokyo ESP is from the mangaka of Ga-Rei (though I don't know the plot and esp never really grabbed me to go and try it). Blade dance is another harem LN  
What. Happy late birthday deadly :D So fun to play with magnets... just wish I could set some up to have some floating ):
the sony's :D
Yes Why does that name sound familiar... oh. That is a very nice movie :D Maybe I should go to the movies... haven't seen any since HP 7 part II. Transcendence caught my attention even though everyone seems to be schiiting bricks about it, thus many people end up butt-hurt. Then again, I had an interest in Benjamin Button... and slept.
Happy birthday man of cream :DThat leaf reminded me of Green Hornet...Different coffees... still all just coffee  in different flavors.
The VN is stronk w/ borisu... 
Oh Microsoft... either you just want me to use IE instead of chrome or something's not right w/ the wireless USB ):   That moment when you can't dl chrome...
Not sure what I think of M3 atm w/ the 1st episode     Looks like L is a female this time...
I'm getting the 2nd, but I accidentally ordered only 1 to begin with. Was just glad it was running for the time being so that I could return parts if needed :D3200 MHz OC is too stronk...   M3. That reminds me of the amplifier and c3 :p
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