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Very nice :)
mmmm I hope it not another Gargantia or one of his works that runs around in circles for a bit :l I just tend to find the works dark but dull (or stagnant). 
haha probablyMmmm. So I guess Aldnoah is following in suite after Gundam. Except this time the guys in space don't like the earthlings ): Wonder how much speed it'll pick up next episode.
I need to post a free gif that I saw the other day  I forgot whether it was Dramatical Murder or Terror that had  [[SPOILER]]
 *inserts hand* haha that part was funny It's ok   Just hope it doesn't have the villain/anti-hero that laughs a lot
Ghoul's adaptation did well for the first episode :>
Nah, I can't see that happening in my wildest dreams And even so, humanity has a god by the name of hope and human possibility.
 As far as the manga goes, it's been a good Full Metal Alchemist substitute
Nature is nice. Care for the gangs  or whatever hoodlums there may be.  Weird how Link to the Past was the alternate name to Triforce of the Gods. Too religious I guess. Just like how G Gundam was renamed from God Gundam 
Beware of the language. I just found this yesterday (so slow) and it was pretty awesome  Staring Master Troll 
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