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=3= for me it too only 20-30 minutes. Whoa mama.
timberrrrrr hoooooo :D
No, here 
Oh, so they're doing both a UBW and a Fate route? Even if they're only doing the UBW route, it's still sweet 
=3= I'm so confused still, b/c the PV says it's the Unlimited Blade Works route even though the movie was done rather recentlyWe used to be everywhere 
deja vu  alchemist reminds me of myself, twinky, and panda-hime
Movie for heaven's feel route  don't know what's happening anymore they redoing Unlimited Blade Works?! It's only been 4 years :p
 when you've got responsibilities, life to live, and/or something else grabbing your attention, it's hard to get on head-fi. There're only 24 hours on the clock  
c: you'll see soon enough if you catch up with raws/translations So much justice
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