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Never mind. It was sent as one stick -_- thought it was a 2x4gb package.
That Castlevania reboot  games play even more like movies with the graphics and cut-scenes now 
He is bach? To be the Pied Piper once more 
What. Mangaka-san to assistant-san to is this season? 
wow. i remember being in a wildlife reserve, and I didn't notice a snake until it was on my foot. So well camouflaged... I ended up startled and jumped up 
Hope for the best of you and your future man(veru)!  I'm sure that tons of people all over the world have shared those thoughts at one part in time or another (myself included for a few times). The human mind is constantly in flux in response to the constantly changing world. Regardless, I still hope for you to keep strong and come out an even stronger man. Everything's constantly changing and nothing with form lasts forever. Sometimes you just have to not care what other...
****! You were that close to the sucker?proof of something's/s' legit-ness(') <_< I hope Manveru is doing well with his band
 o the laughs. As if it isn't already bad enough with people sitting around on the computer all day and getting their motor functions impaired  Take both to the next level with oculus. The days when humans living life seemed like a fantasy are near. Oh wait. They're already here 
No problem with texture but taste. Quote: Originally Posted by Silent One  :0 well, I guess I could agree, if not for the butter and other stuff
AT April? 
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