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Well then... not something I'd imagine someone searching up any day! Still prefer the other one for some reason     Welcome bach, master of trolls.
Holy omgwtfbbq. Hella expensive. Thanks for the song hehe You bet he is! Clearly not! What is with all of the über fast internet speeds    Think I'm slowly getting back into anime again... just works better for me if I can marathon something unless the show is that interesting or if it becomes a habit of watching but is ok'ish
Good stuff! Bach is the man. What made you think that?  
 Bach's passion. I love double meanings :p Beautiful work
Reconguista in G, sho yo thang.
The 10 that calibrate don't really matter as much. Afterwards, yes, the unranked and ranked are independent along with part and individual. You can lose all 10 matches and still be placed in a high MMR. They probably just scaled down the MMR loss for unranked (with rank losing 500).  Bah. It really doesn't matter if you have the dedication to climb out or just smurf it  I've heard of it, but Heroes of the Storm is where it's at  
Haha. Has me coughing from laughter ):If only I'd known that the MMR was based off of the unranked MMR, I wouldn't have abandoned games :c So hard to climb out when 1/2 of the games are 1v9. But I've stopped playing, so all's good  maybe one game a week or every other week. Arc Warden will mess up the game if he's transferred as he is now.
Thought it was a new pokemon 
I hope that last chapter was alluding to [[SPOILER]]  Further enslaving mankind ;) The Matrix w/ a small select few instead of robots controlling. It's coming.
Don't know whether a sad dream or a nightmare is worse    Tokyo Ghoul Part I has ended  trolling translators
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